Your mini guide to gemstones


Gemstones have always been loved and admired for their healing powers, but these precious stones offer so much more. From timeless sparkle to fascinating hues, gemstone jewellery can enhance personal style and make a significant gift. The energy of these stones has gained steam over the years, and many people are interested in the representations associated with popular stones. Here at Azuni, we love gemstones and responsibly source beautiful stones to create our unique jewellery pieces. Remember that no two stones will be the same so each Azuni piece might very slightly in colour. However, that's what makes each item totally unique. Whether you're growing your jewellery collection or want to buy a gift for someone you care about, read our guide for tips on how to buy the right gemstone.


How to buy the right gemstone

Precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery

Every gemstone has a specific mineral makeup. This allows each stone to have certain unique characteristics. Considering purity and rarity, some stones are regarded as more valuable than others. There are generally four stones used in jewellery that is viewed as precious: Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Most other gemstones fall into the semi-precious stones jewellery category, however, most of them are just as precious or rare as emeralds and diamonds.

Colour guide: Gemstones by hue

  • White: pearl, zircon, moissanite, opal, moonstone and diamond
  • Pink: topaz, ruby, rose quartz, diamond and tourmaline
  • Red: ruby, carnelian, zircon, garnet and coral
  • Yellow: citrine, garnet, peridot, amber, diamond and sapphire
  • Green: emerald, jade, alexandrite, topaz, zircon and malachite
  • Blue: sapphire, zircon, turquoise and lapis lazuli
  • Purple: amethyst, purple jade, opal, garnet, alexandrite and tanzanite
  • Brown: topaz, diamond, citrine, smoky quartz and amber
  • Black: hematite, onyx, obsidian, diamond, beryl and pearl








Birthstone: January

Garnet is a beautiful gemstone that is seen as a highly spiritual stone that can bring prosperity and abundance to anyone that wears it. It promotes higher thinking and self-empowerment. It is also believed to be a stone of strength and safety.


When to wear it: Wear Garnet whenever you have to make decisions about your future.





Birthstone: February

Labradorite raises the wearer's consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. This stunning stone is an excellent choice for strengthening intuition. We love Labradorite as it is also known to be powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions and banishing insecurities.


When to wear it: Wear Labradorite to get rid of doubts and boost your confidence.



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Aqua Chalcedony


Birthstone: March

Aqua Chalcedony is known as 'the speaker's stone', as it is believed to heal the throat and promote effective communication. This nurturing stone also helps to promote feelings of sisterhood and goodwill by absorbing any negative energies between people - the ideal gift for your best friend or sister!


When to wear it: When you need to deliver a message effectively, wear this Aqua Chalcedony.



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Birthstone: Taurus

The colour of nature and serenity, Malachite is said to bring healing, clarity of vision, increased energy and healing. Connected with nature and rebirth, it's a stone of endless possiblity.


When to wear it: When you're in need of making an important decision, or going ahead with some big changes in your life, Malachite will bring you clarity and the energy to carry it through. 




Peach Agate



Birthstone: May

Agates carry the properties of self-acceptance, healing and transformation. This charming Peach-coloured stone has a gentle, nurturing energy. It is said to quietly promote the wearer's creativity and can help to boost transformation.


When to wear it: If you need change in your life, wear Peach Agate.

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Birthstone: September

Iolite is a stone of vision and independence. It promotes natural intuition and can also help the wearer to express their true selves, free from the expectations of others.


When to wear it: Wear Iolite if you want to regain or strengthen your independence.


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Birthstone: June

Moonstone is said to be the stone for new beginnings. It promotes inner growth and strength and soothes emotional instability. For the wearer, moonstone jewellery can enhance intuition, increases inspiration, and offer good luck.


When to wear it: Go for moonstone whenever you have to enter a new chapter.



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Green Onyx



Birthstone: December

The soothing Green Onyx symbolises purity and vitality. This stone has the power to relieve tension and stress. The Green Onyx is also believed to offer the wearer a feeling of positivity and strong mental support.


When to wear it: If you have to make choices during your difficult time, the Green Onyx can help you to choose wisely.


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