For over 25 years (no, we haven't just jumped on the band wagon), Azuni has believed in fashion that gives back. We recognise that fashion doesn't have to be all about us, but rather a way to create opportunities in vulnerable communities and to give back. Through the years, we’ve realised the importance of meaningful jewellery with provenance, while supporting those in need - and have aimed to offer just that. 

Giving back, one piece of jewellery at a time


Our meaningful jewellery: Where it all began

Azuni was born out of a passion for ancient crafts and cultures, as well as sustainable fashion. Our designs are the culmination of over two decades of collaboration between Ashley and a small team of traditional Mayan artisan women from the stunning highlands of Guatemala. In a world that is fast-moving, Azuni’s mission is to hold on to and enhance the continuity of the traditional skills of these women.

Azuni ethical workshop

Our passion for preserving tradition

Our mission is to keep local craftsmanship alive, fusing it with contemporary, innovative design. We are passionate about preserving age-old artisanal techniques, passed down from generation to generation. Our work emphasizes that their crafts are still relevant and appreciated in a modern ever-changing world.

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Creating opportunities together

We often forget that the clothes and accessories we wear are handmade and usually require hard work processes in less than desirable conditions. At Azuni we aim to change that. We respect the rights and values of the communities we work with, providing fair and equal working conditions.


By working with small artisans workshops such as our Mayan partners in Central America, it has also been possible for us to provide much-needed job opportunities and more independence for women who would traditionally have few options other than to do tough farm work. 


Azuni | Supporting Children through school

A brighter future: Putting children through school

At Azuni, giving back is incredibly important. Helping the communities we work with is at our core and we continue to work with our chosen charity to help impoverished children through school and support their families with a monthly food basket. We believe this is one step towards a bigger solution for these communities.  


In 2016, we began our collaboration with the incredible charity Pueblo a Pueblo. This local charity organisation works with rural communities in Latin America to honour the culture and people Azuni is often inspired by. Our goal has always been clear: Empowering locals and providing continuous education to young children to create a brighter future.


“It’s hard to grasp how important this support is for families.”


The manager of Pueblo a Pueblo’s Primary Education Scholarships has seen many families struggling financially when it comes to wanting to educate their children. This often leads to a complete lack of education. Undoubtedly, this cycle deserves attention from people who can help. Azuni's artisan jewellery collections pay tribute to these communities by making education more accessible and supporting their families with food.

Giving back, one piece of jewellery at a time

With the help of the amazing work of Pueblo a Pueblo and the supporters of Azuni, we get the opportunity not only to provide education but to see children grow throughout their school years, constantly learning and experiencing new things. 


Focussing on sustainability

In a world that continues to focus on mass production, placing little importance on the consequences, it has become increasingly more important to make better and more conscious lifestyle decisions. Join us in buying only sustainable jewellery and slow fashion that supports the most vulnerable. It is the only way forward to sustain our precious planet and humanity.

July 17, 2020 —
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