A wedding day encompasses so many factors including our bridesmaids and the gifts we give them. It’s probably one of the most important days of our lives, where the memories we create stay with us forever. The way we touch our loved ones on this special day is often what is most significant. Azuni contributor and content writer Gabrielle Barnett shares her memories of and suggestions for this special day.

Why matching jewellery gift sets for your bridesmaids can mean so much.

At this time of year, wedding season is upon us and many of you will be excitedly planning your big day. It makes me recall my own wedding and all that went into organising it. I can remember it like it was yesterday – I put my heart and soul into all the preparations. From the dress to the venue, the music to the flowers.... everything had to be just perfect. But what really shone through, aside from the ceremony, of course, were the little things!

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We know when it comes to a wedding day there are many decisions to be made, which can become overwhelming. With so much to manage, that's where we thought we'd step in to create some beautiful matching jewellery gift set ideas for your bridesmaids.

How bridesmaid’s gifts can add to your special day

It’s the small touches such as the bridesmaid’s gifts that often make the most lasting impressions to a wedding. These are elements that can mean so much and really go towards making the day extra special. I realised this as I saw the faces of my best girls light up when giving them their bridesmaid’s gift box. They were really thrilled to receive the jewellery gift sets I gave them.

Choosing a Matching Jewellery Gift Set for your Bridesmaids?

My bride tribe were paramount to my wedding and contributed a great deal with their support, their input was invaluable. I was so pleased I took the time to carefully select and buy them something thoughtful. This was the ideal way to show them how amazing I thought they were. A way I could help them look good and feel really special too. The moment of giving them their gift is a memory that will always stay with me.

Bridesmaids thank you gift sets - is jewellery the best option?

The advantages of choosing jewellery as your bridesmaids thank you gift sets, by far outweigh alternative options. Amongst other things, it’s a gift that is personal and meaningful. This kind of gifting can last a lifetime making it a wonderful keepsake. It is something that your bridesmaids will value and can continue to enjoy long after the wedding too.

Having your bridesmaids in matching jewellery gift sets can add wonders to your wedding day.

The benefits of which, directly affect their appearance and compliment their dresses. With your girls all wearing matching jewellery you create a wonderful look that coordinates everyone. It provides an extra sparkle that will continue to shine throughout the day and serves as a reminder of your magnificent occasion they can treasure. The sentiment in giving a personal present like this is always appreciated, it’s a touching and special way to gift that will be cherished.

Our carefully selected jewellery gift set suggestions.

At Azuni we’ve carefully chosen some beautiful bridesmaid jewellery gift sets, from our collections. These pre-selected sets are made to ease some of the strain and make this task fun-filled. Our ideas are presented to aid in styling your bridesmaids, making it effortless for you. We aim to help find the perfect set to compliment the image of your magical wedding day. These little touches are what bring together the visions that many of us have dreamt of as a child. Our ranges consist of high-quality classic pieces perfect for your bridesmaid’s such as our Athena rose gold set.

Choosing a Matching Jewellery Gift Set for your Bridesmaids?Choosing a Matching Jewellery Gift Set for your Bridesmaids?Choosing a Matching Jewellery Gift Set for your Bridesmaids?

Just click on the links above to view these ranges on our website or have a look at selecting your own choices throughout our wonderful collections. We are excited to be part of your big day and know how happy your bridesmaids will be with any selection you make from our site.  Sending you love and best wishes for your wedding and all it entails!!

Our wedding day resources and tips

For some extra help in making sure everything runs smoothly for you, we have some highly recommended resources. These UK based reputable companies can assist in the many aspects of your big day.

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