With millions of people in self-isolation, life as we know it has changed considerably. The Covid-19 outbreak has made many of us feel somewhat overwhelmed and anxious, and scrolling our phones for long periods and keeping a watchful eye on the news can worsen our moods. Luckily, stepping outside in our own backyards to get some much-needed fresh air is permitted, and it is advisable to do so every day. Unfortunately, we are also forced to spend a lot of time indoors. The best way to get through this time with a sane and healthy mind and body is to keep busy. Thankfully, we have an online world available at our fingertips today, and it offers plenty of fun and exciting things to do while we wait for the lockdown to be over. 



How to stay busy during a lockdown

In a united effort to curb the spread of Covid-19, we should all practise social distancing (or as we like to call it distance socialsing) and stay at home. But how to stay busy? It may seem that being locked indoors for days requires a lot of effort and creativity, but the reality is, we have a whole world open for us to explore! The team at Azuni has put together a list of some of the best things to do from the comfort of your home. Browse our tips and find the online activities that most interest you.



1. Get a dose of culture

James Corden THE national Theatre


The days of dressing up and going out for a night at the theatre are gone – for now. But you can still do it in the comfort of your home! Many theatre houses and companies have now made their productions available online for free. 


Whether you enjoy 3-hour-long operas, or a light-hearted 'Hairspray' is more your thing, you'll find your production on one of these links:  





2 Relax with a live home concert

Live concert chris Martin Cold play

With our favourite festivals and events all being cancelled or postponed, we may feel that there's not much to look forward to. But luckily, our favourite artists have come to the party – online! Starting with #TogetherAtHome - a great idea by the totally gorgeous Chris Martin of Coldplay, many artists have now opted for live online concerts which you can watch on your couch, no need to get dressed for the occasion; All you need is an internet connection and a glass of wine. 


Log in, sit back and enjoy these upcoming concerts: 


Blue October

When: 7 pm

Where: Stageit.com



When: 9 pm

Billboard's facebook page





Zara Larsson and Charli XCX

When: 8 pm 

Instagram live






John Legend, Luke Bryan, Sheryl Crow, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Old Dominion, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and more. 

When: 8 pm 

CBS online




3 Explore the world with online virtual tours

National parks


You can't travel, but you can still explore! If there are sights or parks you've always wanted to visit, now is the perfect time to get a sneak peek and see what it is all about. Hundreds of organisations are now offering virtual tours – for free! It's one of the most interesting things you can do online, and it can keep you busy for hours. Learn new things as you go and have plenty of amazing facts to share with your friends once you see them again. 


Step outside in beautiful HD with one of these virtual tours: 




4. Take a virtual stroll through an art gallery

Gallery exhibition woman

If you're an art lover this one's for you. You may not be able to physically stroll through your favourite galleries anymore, but you can visit new ones. Several popular art galleries are offering free virtual tours through their halls. Get a close view of some of the most famous art pieces in the world without spending a cent. 


Skip long queues and crowds and browse around in your own time: 



5. Learn something new

learning online

There are a few things as rewarding as learning something new. With a few weeks on your hands, why not learn a new language? This may take some time, but we now have plenty of it!  Pic credit: credit:@angelalanter 


Try one of these platforms that are available on desktop and mobile: 



Take care of your body 

Yoga Online woman at computer

Often, we keep our minds so busy we forget to take care of our bodies. Unfortunately, we can no longer go to the gym around the corner or our favourite Pilates studios, but we can take a class online! With thousands of gyms and studios closed, many of its owners and teachers have now opted for online classes. Some are completely free, while others ask for a small donation or fee to keep themselves going financially during this period. 


Ready to move? Try one of these: 



7. Learn to cook (or to cook better!)

Woman cooking

It is important to keep our bodies well fed during the lockdown period. So, what better way to start experimenting in the kitchen! A few talented cooks are now offering cooking classes online, and we think it's the perfect thing to do to stay busy while nourishing our bodies. Forget takeaways, opt for a delicious wholesome meal made by Moi! (We'd like to thank @theguthealthdoctor for this image and her totally inspiring and educational book Eat Yourself Healthy.)




The COVID-19 outbreak caught us unexpectedly and have caused many of us to feel scared, anxious and alone. Fortunately, measures are being taken quickly to keep everyone safe and healthy. To do our part, we can all stay at home for a couple of weeks. It may seem like an impossible task, but millions around the world are doing the same – we are not alone. To keep us healthy and well, we can stay busy for as long as possible. Choose a few things on our list and explore it in your own time. Not only may you learn a few new things, but time will fly!


April 02, 2020 —
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