All mothers should be celebrated every day; They have the hardest jobs, after all! However, if there is one day in the year you can make the favourite woman in your life feel extra special, it's Mother’s Day. With Mother's Day 2020 fast approaching, it's time to start planning your precious time together. If you have the perfect gift in mind but have no clue what to do on the day yet, try one of our unique Mother's Day ideas:

Things to do on Mother's Day

While you're browsing your favourite artisan jewellery shop or flower delivery service for gifts, start planning the rest of Mother’s Day 2020 with these five ideas:

1. Cook or bake something together

Some mothers just want to get out of the kitchen, while others have a big passion for cooking and baking. If your mom is a master cook, why not try out a delicious new dinner recipe or bake a few Mother's Day cupcakes together? Time spent doing her favourite things is precious, and it's just a bonus that you'll have delicious treats for her special day. Start Google'ing those recipes!

2. Go to a live concert

For mums who have a little bit of punk or rock in them, a perfect Mother's Day date is a live concert. Get some tickets for you and her (or the whole family!) to see her favourite artist. It's the ideal experience to make those special memories.

3. Book a photoshoot

You may think you already take enough photos every day, but how many professional photos do you have with your mum? If it's time for some new photos for those beautiful frames in her house, go for a photoshoot. A professional shoot is also the perfect opportunity to dress up in your most beautiful outfit and your favourite artisan jewellery. Make a day out of it and get your hair and makeup done too!

4. Plan a Mother’s Day picnic

You don't have to take mum to a fancy restaurant on Mother’s Day, it'll be packed anyway! Why not try a DIY picnic this year with her favourite spoils and some homemade treats? Look for some perfect picnic spots online and make sure there are no booking requirements or hefty fees at the venue.

5. Send a gift to her workplace

Mother's Day may be on a Sunday, but why not spoil her on the following Monday at work too? Mondays can be a bit blue sometimes and after a lovely weekend, you can brighten up her day by sending a special gift to her workplace! Go for something small, but memorable that she can pop into her handbag, such as a contemporary gemstone jewellery piece. Gemstone or moonstone jewellery is the perfect memorable gift for your mom. Not only is it said to have healing properties, but Azuni's range is also ethically sourced and each piece of jewellery is handmade.

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Mother's Day is around the corner and if you haven't planned the perfect day yet, try one of the activities on our list and spoil the most important woman in your life. Just remember, whether you treat her with beautiful artisan jewellery or just want to send her a card in the post, there are countless ways you can make her feel special!

March 10, 2020 —
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