Jewellery gift guide for Mother's Day 2020

Every year when Mother's Day comes around in March, you struggle to find the perfect gift for the woman who has been around to support and love you all your life. No doubt, when it's time to figure out how to spoil her on this special day, you feel the pressure. This year, why not go for something handmade and meaningful? To make it easier, we have put together a guide of meaningful jewellery gift ideas for the most special woman in your life. Buy handmade jewellery from this list and gift her something that will last many years to remind her how special she is to you. 

Whether it's your mum, your granny, your great-grandma or all three you're spoiling this year, find a special piece of artisan jewellery from our collection that will make them feel like the exceptional women they are. We carefully selected a few pieces that we feel match most of mums’ styles and personalities – find the one that best suits your favourite woman:  

For the glamorous mum:

Etrusca wide curve bangle azuni

Etrusca Wide Curve Bangle

If your mum enjoys the finer things in life and often add a bit of bling to her outfits, this wide curve bangle is the ideal gift for her. It can be worn day or night and paired with other pieces from the Etrusca range. This 18kt gold plated piece is adjustable to fit any size and comes in a bespoke Azuni pouch, ready to be gifted. 

For the creative mum:

Beaded hoop artisan necklace

Rhonda Multi-hoop long necklace 

If your mum has a creative side, she will fall in love with this large hoop necklace, skilfully and lovingly handwoven by our cooperative of Mayan women. We believe in slow fashion, sustainable jewellery and the importance of knowing how your jewellery is made. This beautiful piece will look stunning with an open-necked shirt or over a boho maxi dress.

For the super stylish mum:

10 meaningful gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

Wave Earrings

For the super stylish mum, we suggest our Wave Earrings from the Athena collection. The gentle rippling effect of these gemstone earrings captures the sunlight and will transport her to the shores of the Med. It's the perfect pieces to make her inner Goddess shine! These earrings come in a stunning Azuni pouch, ready to be gifted. For the mom with an eccentric side: Skylar Half-moon Earrings Your mum will love these unique half-moon earrings. These earrings from our Athena range come in gold, rose gold and silver plate, and is the perfect pieces to add a hint of drama to any look.

For the mom who's passionate about sustainability

Woven necklace and bracelet azuni

Tacana Delica 7 disc beaded necklace

If your mom is absolutely passionate about sustainability, this stunning statement necklace featuring 7 multi-layered beaded discs was made for her. Each hoop is expertly beaded with needle and thread and represents hours of work. This ethically handcrafted piece from our charity collection PUEBLO A PUEBLO is sure to turn heads wherever she goes!

Pacava Woven Bracelet 

Give a gift that keeps on giving. The beautiful Pacava Woven Bracelet is also from our socially responsible, charity collection. This ethically handcrafted, sustainable jewellery piece is also carefully handcrafted by our Mayan artisans. A proportion of the proceeds from this collection is donated to PUEBLO A PUEBLO

For the dainty mom 

athena green hoop earrings

Athena Small Round Hoop Earrings 

These Ancient Greek-inspired earrings are perfect for the stylish dainty mom. These earrings feature beautiful faceted gemstones combined with small hand-textured gold rings. It's the perfect pair to wear with everyday outfits and is available in a variety of semi-precious gemstone colours.

For the mum who's always looking royal 

10 meaningful gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

Large Kate Drop Stone Earrings 

Is your mum always channelling her inner queen? Our 'Kate Middleton' Earrings are the ideal gift. The new more impactful version of our signature 'Kate' earrings (personally chosen and worn by the Duchess of Cambridge), features a 1 cm briolette cut gemstone, suspended from a hand-textured coin stud. This is a treasure designed for the queen in your life. The Kate Drop Stone Earrings come in a bespoke Azuni pouch, ready to be gifted. 

For the mum with a cool edge 

studded gemston bangle athena

Selene Studded Bangle 

If your mum has an edgy side, she'll love this stunning studded gemstone bangle. This unique hand-textured flexible piece is masterfully elevated by five shining round gemstone studs for a powerful, modern look. This beautiful piece can be worn on its own or stacked for a bolder look. 

For the elegant mum

10 meaningful gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

Etrusca Round Set Moonstone Ring 

The open band gemstone ring is ideal for the elegant mum who likes to wear simple but unique pieces. This beautiful handmade ring is created from two rows of gold beads and a luminous table-cut white moonstone. The open back makes it adjustable for a perfect fit and an elegant contemporary look.

Buy handmade jewellery gifts for the most special woman in your life.

Your mum is one-of-a-kind, and it can be difficult to find the right gift to match her personality and style. This year, instead of splurging on the usual, spoil her with a special jewellery piece that she can wear year after year. Our jewellery is designed with extraordinary women in mind – just like your mum – and specially handcrafted with love. 


March 10, 2020 —
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