About us

Azuni is a team of just five, still passionate about creating and designing after 26 years. We've never intended to be a big company- instead we decided to adhere to slow fashion principles where we know each and every step of the production journey and the artisans who produce our designs. Every piece tells a story, forming a bond between the designer, the maker and the wearer.

“We are all about slow fashion. We design and create pieces to last years, not to discard after one season.”

The beginning

Back in the 90´s between the frantic kitchen life of Londons top restaurants, all night raves and travels to south and central America an idea was born.

Following a long held passion and profound appreciation for the traditions and craftmanship of artisans around the world, founder Ashley Marshall rekindled his childhood fascination. His vision was to produce unique designs for a descerning market, whilst acheiving his mission to keep indigenous crafts alive. Providing employment and financial independence for the artisans he worked with was key to this vision.

Inspired by the past, respecting the present, investing in the future

Tribal societies continue to struggle to live peacefully in their communities and to maintain their ancient rites and cultures, ever being pushed into a modern and less spiritual world. It is these cultures that Azuni reveres and are honoured to work with.

100% original designs

Azuni love to mix it and shake it., never ones to follow the crowd. We've always stood our ground designing from the soul - no pre-made, generic designs here. As we put it, "We don't do vanilla".

We pride ourselves on making small runs of 100% original designs, which are patiently and skilfully hand crafted by artisans. We have an in -depth knowledge of every process and the journey each pieces takes making the artisan an integral part of the story.

Would you like to know more?

Giving Back

We our proud to be able to support projects that give back to communites and the planet

Artisan Collaboration

Over 26 years of collaboration with artisans preserving traditions and culture.

Carbon Neutral

To curb ours and your carbon footprint. We a proud to plant 5 trees with your purchase.