Artisan communities

Crafted in communities

Azuni was born out of a passion and profound appreciation for the ancient skills and craftmanship of artisans around the world. Since our conception we have embraced traditional cultures and unique skills, collaborating to bring modern designs to a wider audience. We seek to work with only small cooperatives and family run workshops - much like our own. They have become part of our family - some of whom we have known for over the 26 years.

Each piece therefore tells a story of the designer, the maker and the wearer. Each play an integral role and imbues each Azuni piece with meaning.

By working with small artisans workshops such as our Mayan partners in Central America it has been possible to help provide much needed job opportunities and independence for women who would traditionally have few options other than hard farm work.

Our work emphasizes that their crafts are still relevant and appreciated in a modern ever changing world.

It always brings us great joy to return to the workshop, nestled in the Guatemalan hills; it is a very special place. Not only is it tranquil and peaceful, surrounded by trees and birdsong - but offers workers a comfortable space with flexible working hours and respect.

“Beautiful designs can only be created with care and respect to those who make them.”

Creative Director, Ashley Marshall


We often forget that our clothes and accessories are hand made and often requires hard work in sometimes less than desirable conditions. That is why for over 26 years we have always made sure that our partners, workshops and factories hold the highest standards of working conditions, flexibility and that they respect equal rights and shared values. In an ever increasing blur of commodities and fashion accessories being pushed at us we’d rather take the approach of slow, conscious fashion.

We source our gemstones mostly in India and have worked closely, building strong relationships with the small family workshops much like ourselves. Following many visits, they have become like family to us. Some, we have been with for almost 15 years! Our suppliers are members of the RCJ (Responsible Jewellery Council) which means that must adhere to good, fair working practices.

However, whilst many of the large jewellery brands can afford to become members of the RCJ, we think it's important to point out, that some organisations (including the RCJ) have been brought into question for not being completely transparent. We urge you to find out more if you are looking to purchase from from a truly fairtrade jewellery company. Read more

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Giving back

We our proud to be able to support projects that give back to communites and the planet

Artisan Communities

For over 26 years we have worked with artisans producing pieces with provenance and meaning.

Man watering new trees in Africa. Azuni supports

Carbon neutral

To curb ours and your carbon footprint. We a proud to plant 5 trees with your purchase.