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5 3 Tolita Woven Artisan Bracelet

Expertly hand crafted using 100´s of tiny Japanese glass beads these wide fabric like bracelets are hand stitched bead by bead into beautiful bold artisan bracelets. The Tolita woven bracelet presents a modern expression on ancient artisan craftsmanship. Be part of a change and treat yourself to a real slow fashion treasure


Discover a modern mix of textured gemstone bracelets, woven bracelets and ethically crafted beadwork cuffs. Our artisan jewellery range of arm candy fuse ancient technique with modern vibes to help you create that perfect look. Whether it's for a modern layered style or a bold statement expression, we've got you covered with our sustainable jewellery.

Tolita Woven Artisan Bracelet

Tolita handcrafted artisan bracelet - Azuni London

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  • 100% Artisan hand stitched
  • Made in limited quantities
  • Material: Traditional Glass Miyuki Delica Bead
  • Width: 23mm
  • Adjustable
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