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Gold plated metal, 18kt gold plated, semiprecious gemstones , gemstone jewellery , sterling silver jewellery ,gold vermeil jewellery, aqua chalcedony, amethyst ,topaz, pink tourmaline, green onyx , labradorite gemstone, white moonstone, pink moonstone , grey moonstone
  1. Cascada Long Fringe Earrings
    As low as £59.00
  2. Chula Crystal Rimmed Hoop Earrings
    As low as £64.00
  3. Yasi Twisted Bead Earrings
    As low as £34.00
  4. Itza Woven Graphic Bead Earrings
    As low as £38.00
  5. Siona Teardrop Hoop Crystal Earrings
    As low as £38.00
  6. Hand Beaded Radiating Earrings
    As low as £28.00
  7. Ponca Drop Hoop Crystal Earrings
    As low as £25.00
  8. Large Mosaic Drop Earrings: Aqua Chalcedony, Labradorite and Iolite
  9. Moonstone Drop Earrings Etrusca Round
  10. Etrusca Curved Earring with Chain
  11. Magna Hoop Earrings
    As low as £48.00
  12. Kate Drop Earrings: Rose and Moonstone
  13. Hera Stone Earrings in Green Onyx
    Out of stock
  14. Kate Gemstone Drop Earrings: Gold
    As low as £35.00
  15. Iona Gemstone Studs: Gold
    As low as £22.50
  16. Athena Small Round Hoop Earrings: Green Onyx
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