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5% of every purchase of our Artisan Handcrafted Jewellery goes towards supporting children through schooling in Guatemala and providing their families with food parcels


  1. Awa Hoop Crystal Earrings
    As low as £32.00
  2. Festival Fringe Cuff
    As low as £21.20 Regular Price £53.00
  3. Azteca Woven Miyuki Bead Cuff
    As low as £75.00
  4. Aro Multi-Hoop and Crystal Long Necklace
    As low as £68.00 Regular Price £85.00
  5. 'Tiponi' Narrow Woven Bracelet
    As low as £35.00
  6. Nova Crochet Mandala Necklace
    As low as £49.00
  7. Rafaela Bead and Horn Necklace
    As low as £85.00
  8. Nova Crochet Mandala Earrings
    As low as £69.00
  9. Deco Miyuki Cuff
    As low as £59.00
  10. Rivera Deco Teardrop Earrings
    As low as £48.00
  11. Pequena Hoop Necklace
    As low as £20.40 Regular Price £24.00
  12. Totem Barrel Necklace in Aztec: Gold
    As low as £45.00
  13. Tiponya Totem Bullet Necklace: Desert
  14. Tiponya Totem Bullet Necklace: Mountain
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