Gifting to a friend or loved one can be as rewarding as receiving. From the smallest gold vermeil stud earrings to one of our bold statement cuffs we have something to that will light up their world. A treasure they will remember forever, made even more special by the fact that is has helped support our #fashionthatgivesback project - placing impoverished children through an education.
  1. Alaya Set


  2. Itza Long Beaded Necklace
    As low as £76.00
  3. Iquito Beaded Necklace
    Out of stock
  4. Quito Beaded Hoop Artisan Necklace
    As low as £70.00
  5. Toluca Disc Pendant Necklace
    As low as £38.00
  6. Lone Star Gemstone Necklace
    As low as £86.00
  7. New Kate Necklace: Gold
    As low as £50.00
  8. Aro Multi-Hoop and Crystal Long Necklace
    As low as £85.00
  9. Mosaic 9-Stone Necklace: Mixed Moonstone
  10. Steerhead Disc Choker, Gold Vermeil
  11. Etrusca Enameled Disc Pendant
  12. Tiponya Totem Beaded Bullet Necklace: Sunset/Rose Gold
  13. Frida Fantail Cascading Beaded Necklace
    As low as £50.00
  14. Nova Crochet Mandala Necklace
    As low as £49.00
  15. Rafaela Bead and Horn Necklace
    As low as £85.00
  16. Pequena Hoop Necklace
    As low as £22.50
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