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Our Athena jewellery collection was created to celebrate the compelling allure of semi-precious gemstones. Married with organic textures and lustrous gold, our semi-precious gemstone creations are designed to express the inner Goddess in you. A collection of distinctive pieces, including large hoop earrings, cuffs and necklaces each handcrafted and empowered with vibrant semi-precious stones to give your look a confident, elegant flair. 

  1. Mosaic Triple Stone Ring
    As low as £30.00
  2. Mosiac Single Stone Ring
    As low as £22.00
  3. Mosaic Hoop Earrings
    As low as £45.00
  4. Large Mosaic Drop Earrings: Aqua Chalcedony, Labradorite and Iolite
  5. Mosaic 3-Stone Bangle
    As low as £36.00
  6. Mosaic 9-Stone Pendant: Aqua, Labradorite and Iolite
  7. Kate Gemstone Drop Earrings: Gold
    As low as £35.00
  8. Kate Large Earrings: Gold
    As low as £45.00
  9. New Kate Necklace: Gold
    As low as £47.00
  10. New Kate Necklace: Silver Iolite
  11. Small Mosaic Square Stud
    As low as £20.00
  12. Mosaic Long Gemstone Stud Earrings
    As low as £38.00
  13. Small Mosaic Gemstone Drop Earrings
    As low as £35.00
  14. Large Mosaic Drop Earrings
    As low as £59.00
  15. Mosaic 9-Stone Bracelet: Mixed Moonstone
    Out of stock
  16. Mosaic 9-Stone Bracelet
    As low as £49.00
  17. Mosaic Single Row Bangle
    As low as £42.00
  18. Mosaic 9-Stone Pendant: Mixed Moonstone
  19. Mosaic 9-Stone Necklace: Mixed Moonstone
  20. Skylar Small Half-Moon Stud Earrings
    As low as £24.00
  21. Skylar Half Moon Earrings: Gold
    As low as £48.00
  22. Skylar Half-Moon Stone Ring
    As low as £34.00
  23. Larissa gemstone Necklace
    As low as £29.00
  24. Thalia Ring
  25. Small Thalia Ring
    Out of stock
  26. Medea Teardrop Ring
    As low as £35.00
  27. Tria Gemstone Claw Set Studs
    As low as £30.00
  28. Adamas chain earrings studs
    As low as £24.00
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