Azuni Abroad 2016 - 'Tis the Ski-son'


Skiing might be considered exercise - however it is undeniable that this winter sport is equally about Style, meaning there is always a place for gorgeous jewellery to help you stand out in the snow.  Having just returned from our glorious Alpine Adventure, this blog post is all about styling for the last few weeks of the '16 ski season, whether you are flying down the slopes, indulging in some afternoon Apres or heading out in the evening for some fabulous French Mountain Cuisine (...of which we totally recommend the racelette!).  Tis the Ski-son!! 



We totally hear you - cruising down the slopes at 60mph with the potential for an enormous wipe out does not seem the place for your finest jewellery.  However that is where Azuni London comes in with our vast range of eclectic collections, including pieces that are not only beautiful, interesting and stylish, but are completely practical. Our bold and brilliant CORDED GEMSTONE FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS andour ATHENA ASHIRA GEMSTONE STUD EARRINGS paired with Superdry's new range of electric snow gear, will comfortably keep you looking pretty on the piste, whether your more at home upright or on your bottom!



For some, a bit of Afternoon Apres Indulgence is considered an intergral part of the ski experience.  Even though you will be in your ski gear, make sure you are fashionably prepared with this fabulous Aztec thermal top, some bright raybans, and a gorgeous matching hat, scarf and glove combo. On the Jewellery front, make sure you have our DREAMCATCHER CRYSTAL HOOP EARRINGS and ELEMENTAL NECKLACES safely stashed in your inside pockets to get you in party mood!



When you've spent the day in the blindingly bright white of the slopes in your equally bright ski gear, the evening is a time for a bit of elegant, understated luxury.  Our Stellar Snowflake collection in the finest sterling silver and edged with sparkling cubic zirconia, were made for the mountains, and could not be more perfect for these luxury, relaxed occasions, with the corded bracelet equally practical as a daytime accessory!


If you are heading mountain side in the next few weeks we wish you an incredible time, just like we had!