In 2016, we started our collaboration with Pueblo a Pueblo, a charity organisation working with

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Azuni, fashion that gives back | Charity Update

Azuni, fashion that gives back | Charity Update

Azuni have always believed that fashion should be a cause for good - 'fashion that gives back.' We believe that fashion doesn't have to be all about us. Our goal is to give back to those who help make our lives more glamorous. We often forget that our clothes and accessories are hand made and often require hard work and focus in sometimes less than desireable conditions.

For over 20 years, we have respected the rights and values of the communities we work with, providing fair and equal working conditions. In 2016 Azuni was extremely proud to begin our collaboration with the incredible charity Pueblo a Pueblo.

This local charity organisation works with rural communities in Latin America to honour the culture and people Azuni is often inspired by. Our goal has always been clear: empowering locals and providing continuous education to young children to create a more sustainable way of living.

Creating a Meaningful Collections

“It’s hard to grasp how important this support is for families” – the manager of Pueblo a Pueblo’s Primary Education Scholarships has seen families face the same financial issues when it comes to educating their children. Undoubtedly, this unbroken cycle of lack of education and poor living conditions deserves special care and the recognition of people who can help.

Latin America and Guatemala were not only inspirations, but also very important starting points of the brand's journey. The Azuni collections pay tribute to these communities by making education more accessible, which as many believe, could be the first step towards a bigger solution. With the help of the amazing work of Pueblo a Pueblo and the supporters of Azuni, we get the opportunity not only to provide education, but to see children grow throughout the school years, constantly learning and experiencing new aspects of life.


Meet Rosa

With the help of Azuni customers, Rosa started her first year of school in 2016. The now 9-year-old girl found her favourite (and least favourite) school activities such as P.E. lessons and playing with her friends. Rosa would like to become a teacher when she grows up, and we will keep financing her studies until she’s 16 to give her the opportunity to go through higher education and learn even more about the world.

Children like Rosa deserve education, and Azuni believes and has experienced that businesses can make a huge positive impact by raising awareness and collaborating with charity organisations.


2019 Plans

Dreamcatcher Charity Collection | Azuni London Jewellery

Seeing the effect of being in school has on a child fills us with motivation and even bigger goals for 2019. As Rosa is growing up, we have already sponsored another four children through their education. We can't wait to hear their stories and see how they progess.

On top of that, we are giving the families of the children, monthly food packages that help them to manage their lives more easily, taking the pressure of having to find money for food to feed their kids.

Our ultimate goal is to help hundreds of kids through school through our #fashionthatgivesback campaign Help us to help hundreds more by spreading the word!

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