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Zodiac jewellery buying guide: What to buy for the Cancer woman in your life

Artisan Jewellery Gift Buying Guide For Cancer Women | Azuni - Azuni Blog

Zodiac jewellery buying guide: What to buy for the Cancer woman in your life

How to spoil a Cancer woman with the ideal artisan jewellery

Cancer season is coming up and if you know a Cancerian, you're probably scratching your head about what to buy for their birthday. Cancer is the sign of protection and nurturing, so if you know a woman born under the sign of the crab, you'll probably know that they absolutely love to give in abundance to their friends and family; So, we certainly owe them a little something special this time of the year! At Azuni, we admire these special ladies' caring nature and we are all for spoiling them.

Cancerians are born between June 21 and July 22, they belong to the Water element of the zodiac and is ruled by the moon which is the planet of feelings and the personal self – no wonder our Cancerian friends are so caring and nurturing! You're lucky if you know a Cancerian woman, as she is always there to offer a shoulder to cry on when you're sad and will go out of her way to spoil you. But remember: They can be a little moody too! If you don't return the affection a Cancerian shows you, they are known to brood around you until they get their way. So, watch out for those unpredictable moods!

Cancer women love their homes and can easily stay indoors over weekends, cuddling up in front of the TV or hosting a cosy dinner. They love bringing people together. However, because they are so concerned with taking care of other people, they often tend to neglect themselves a bit. Therefore, it's so important to remember to treat the Cancerian in your life.

The ideal gift for Cancer women should be elegant and comforting. They don't often buy things for themselves, but when they do, they go after quality. Here at Azuni, we think we have the perfect, high-quality sustainable jewellery range for your special loved one.

The lucky stones of Cancer

The lucky stone for a Cancer woman is the deep red Ruby. It is said that Ruby bestows her with increased strength in the heart, which enhances her giving and nurturing nature. She can also wear moonstone, pearl, cat’s eye, emerald and heliotrope.

Iona 5 stone toggel bracelet by Azuni

Iona 5-stone Slide Toggle Bracelet in Ruby:

Warm her heart even more with the stunning Iona bracelet in Ruby. This beautiful piece features a unique signature flower charm and a slide-clasp which makes the bracelet adjustable to the wrist of the wearer. The Cancer woman in your life will love this unique piece and the beautiful Ruby that matches her personality.

Pearl Stacking ring, Azuni London

Vermeer Pearl Drop Stacking Ring:

This sterling silver stacking ring with a natural pearl drop charm is the ideal elegant gift for a Cancerian; The pearl is believed to enhance the purity, generosity and loyalty of its wearer. She will love the soft look of this beautiful handmade ring which can be worn alone as a statement piece or stacked with other elegant rings from the Azuni collection.

Athena Wave earring in moonstone by Azuni

Athena Wave Earrings in White Moonstone:

Moonstone complements the Cancer woman's soft and nurturing nature. Go for the Athena Wave earrings in white moonstone if you're after something meaningful. These classic earrings are handcrafted from a choice of 18 karat gold or silver-plated brass. Semi-precious stones jewellery is a must for any Cancer woman's jewellery box!

The colours of the moon

The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon, so it makes sense that the sign is represented most by ethereal silvers and greys. These are Cancer women's power colours and it is a great idea to find a gift in one of these shades.

Penelope necklace

Athena Penelope Necklace

The Athena Penelope necklace beautifully blends the Cancer woman's power colours: Blue, silver and grey. This elegant silver-plated piece is set with a variety of semi-precious gemstone options and brushed silver-plated nuggets. It makes for a stunning multi-layer necklace and can be dressed up or down depending on the Cancerian's mood.

Silver bangle azuni london

Marina Gemstone Hoops

The Marina gemstone hoops feature a suspended gemstone charm which adds a touch of flair to this classic Athena style. It will also add an instant pop of blue to enhance your special Cancerian's natural traits. These earrings remind of a drop of water and with Cancer being a water sign, Cancerians will fall in love instantly!

Selene Studded Bangle:

This hand-textured flexible silver band is masterfully elevated by five shining round gemstone studs creating a unique, modern look. The Cancerians power colours are beautifully represented in this piece and it is ideal for a Cancer woman with a more modern, outgoing style. She can stack it up or let it simply speak for itself.

Looking to add something extra?

Because Cancer women are typically so giving, you may feel that you want to add something extra to your gift to ensure she gets treated for a change. Try one of these carefully considered gifts:

1.A journal: As mentioned, the Cancer woman is highly in touch with her feelings. A journal is a great gift as she can write down her thoughts and feelings whenever she feels the need to do so.

2.Cookware or cookbooks: You won't go wrong by adding a few cookware items or a beautiful cookbook to her package, because she loves to cook for others and are always up for a dinner party.

3.Home decor: Cancer women love to be in their homes and typically have a passion for decorating interior spaces. Spoil her with something unique for her home, such as a vase, candles or art.

4.Frame a special photograph:

Cancerians treasure their loved ones like few signs do. She will highly appreciate a special photo in a beautiful frame.

If you have a Cancer woman in your life, you've probably been spoiled by her for as long as you've known each other! If her birthday or other special occasion is coming up, it's your time to treat her. It's not difficult to find a gift for Cancerians, because they appreciate all types of affection, but be sure to consider her lucky stones and matching colours to show that you are thoughtful and want to give her something meaningful. She'll love you for going the extra mile.

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