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Zodiac jewellery buying guide: What to buy for the Gemini woman in your life

Artisan Jewellery Gift Buying Guide For Gemini Women | Azuni - Azuni Blog

Zodiac jewellery buying guide: What to buy for the Gemini woman in your life

How to spoil a Gemini woman with the ideal ethnic jewellery

Buying a gift for the Gemini woman in your life might be trickier than you think. Encompassing both ends of the personality spectrum – you’ll never be quite sure which end you’ll get! She’s a changeling, a mix of intriguing personalities. Witty and clever and both outgoing and enthusiastic, she also craves her down time. Gemini women are fun to buy for as they enjoy anything interesting and out of the ordinary. Azuni admire their energy and we know they'll adore some of the vibrant, unique artisan pieces from our jewellery collections.

Born between May 21st and June 21st, Geminis are ruled by Mercury seen as the planet of communication. So chatty, witty, curious in nature and highly sociable – they can easily talk your ears off! But you’ll know, they’re fantastic listeners too and make friends for life.

As an Air sign, the Gemini woman is clever and sharp, but be careful; They can seem a bit erratic at times! They may not always stick to their opinions or commitments and this can be frustrating. But oh, it will never be a boring friendship! And we love them for it. On that note: Geminis never want to be bored, so the more unique and unusual the gift, the better. If you know a Gemini woman whose birthday is coming up, have a look at our quick guide with special gifts that will suit the natural extrovert in her perfectly.

The lucky stones of Gemini

The most beneficial lucky stone for Gemini women is said to be the precious stone of Emerald. Emerald is known for its strong loving vibration and it promotes friendship. Geminis can also wear agate, pearl, moonstone, white sapphire and ruby.

Etrusca Set Moonstone Bracelet

Etrusca Moonstone Bracelet Azuni London

The Gemini woman in your life loves to be social and you'll often find her at festivals, events and hosting dinner parties. Spoil her with this round Etrusca bracelet which she can show off while out and about. It is set with a table-cut white moonstone and can be matched with our round Etrusca moonstone earrings and moonstone necklace, or worn on its own. This stunning piece is simple to adjust with a unique slider toggle catch. It's anything but ordinary and will match the Gemini's curious nature perfectly.

Athena Nugget and Gemstone Bead Necklace

Nugget Gemstone Necklace Azuni

This artisan necklace features misshaped golden nuggets and semi-precious gemstone beads with an 18 karat gold plate finish. It is from our exquisite Athena royal jewellery range - fit for a queen! This piece can be worn day or night and is the ideal piece for the sociable Gemini. Santorini Cushion-cut Gemstone Ring in Ruby This beautiful ring consists of a modern, solid square band ring set with stunning cushion-cut square gemstones. This classic ring can be worn on its own or stacked with other unique gold vermeil rings. Your bubbly Gemini friend will love the versatility!

Shades of yellow

Geminis are represented by the colour yellow, representing happiness and optimism. They also like bright shades of blue and green and are attracted to all geometric patterns.

Python Wide Beaded Cuff

Python cuff by Azuni London

This cuff is woven from precision-cut Japanese Miyuki beads and silk thread. This unique piece is one of our oldest designs. It is slick and comfortable with a luxurious fabric-like feel. What makes it even more special, is that this gorgeous cuff has been hand-stitched with thousands of tiny delica beads.

Totem Barrel Necklace

TOtem Barrel necklace

This beautiful, unique barrel necklace is hand-stitched in our artisan jewellery workshop, with hundreds of Japanese Miyuki beads. We are passionate about helping to preserve these ancient skills, handed down from generation to generation, and as a woman passionate about the world around her, we know the Gemini woman will appreciate that! A portion of the proceeds from this necklace is donated to PUEBLO A PUEBLO to support children and families in rural Guatemala.

Spoil her with a gift that keeps on giving!

Cholula Delica and Bugle Bead Earrings

CHolula Earrings Azuni

The Gemini woman loves all things interesting, and she'll instantly fall in love with these extraordinary earrings. Ethically handcrafted by artisans with whom Azuni has been working wth for over 25 years, we aim to preserve these ever-precious skills that are in danger of being lost. In addition, a proportion of the sale of EVERY Azuni purchase is donated to the local community organisation PUEBLO A PUEBLO. These pieces are woven from precision-cut Japanese Miyuki beads, bugle beads and silk thread – absolutely unique! No two pieces are the same. The yellow shade will also suit her beautifully.


Looking to add something extra?

Gemini women like variety, so it's a great idea to add something extra to your gift. Choose one of these carefully considered items for Geminis:

1. Personalised stationery: Geminis loves to communicate, so she needs plenty of stationery! Make it extra special by printing something personal on a few stationery items.

2. Travel accessories: Geminis love to explore new destinations. She may already have all the basics, so a few added accessories will be just perfect.

3. Books: Books are great gifts for Geminis. They love to learn new things and you will often find the Gemini woman with her nose in a book.

4.A small gadget: If you really want to give her something that matches her nature, find a small gadget. She's always eager to discover new and interesting things and this will keep her busy for a while.

Gemini women are fun to buy gifts for, as they like interesting and unusual things. Be sure to keep her unique style and personality in mind, but also consider her lucky stones and matching colours; It will show that you are thoughtful and appreciate her natural traits. Keep her stimulated with something on our list and you're all set – happy shopping!