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What's on trend for spring 2020?

Fashion Trends For Spring 2020 | Azuni - Azuni Blog

What's on trend for spring 2020?

New season trends weren't the only thing on everyone’s lips at the Paris, Milan, London and New York's SS/20 fashion weeks. It was also about what's sustainable and green. This year, designers are pushed even more into looking at recycling, repurposing and promoting mindful purchasing. It's all about investing in clothing for longer and in 2020 we are seeing an even bigger focus on classic looks rather than looks that could potentially fall into the short-lived or fad category. With spring fast approaching, everyone is eagerly anticipating a new spring wardrobe, wanting to know: Which sustainable trends will trickle into stores in February and March, and how to accessorise outfits with ethical pieces? Let's look at what is on trend for spring 2020 and which jewellery to match with it.

What to wear for spring 2020

From classic blazers and all-white looks to button-up shirts and solid colours, the spring/summer runways were led by ageless pieces that can be worn throughout the seasons. In the spirit of timeless fashion, we're also looking at which jewellery pieces to match each trend from ethical jewellery brand, Azuni.

The classic, timeless look

Classic pieces have been a hit on the spring/summer 2020 runways. We are seeing more pieces made to be worn for years as part of the focus on sustainability. The return of the fitted blazer, the waistcoat, the short suit and the trenchcoat all presents the next wave of timeless fashion. Wear each item on its own for a subtle classic touch or create a dapper look by wearing pieces together.

Which jewellery to wear with classic pieces

Enhance classic pieces with dainty gold plate and white moonstone drop earrings. Our Mosaic Drop Stud earrings take their inspiration from an ancient Roman era, yet brought in to a modern design they will become a classic go to piece when you need to uplift your outfit.

Neon looks

To celebrate warmer weather, many designers used brighter colours for their spring ranges. We are seeing more looks in one bold colour, such as bright pink and vivid yellows and greens. While these pieces can be paired with more toned-down items, the runway has shown us that it is perfectly fine to wear two pieces in one solid colour.

Which jewellery to wear with neon pieces

With a bolder, more colourful look, a delicate piece of jewellery is ideal. The Etrusca wide curve bangle is a great choice. This bangle will add just the right amount of bling to your colourful outfit to make the perfect statement.

The all-white look

With the focus on sustainability, many designers are creating ranges with more clean and simple designs. Designers are also focussing on mixing fewer colours. Specifically, white pieces are becoming increasingly popular and the runways were filled with long, flowy white dresses. These pieces are the ideal investment for your wardrobe, as it can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

Which jewellery to wear with clean, white designs

When going for a clean, simple white outfit, you want to add detail and colour. Go for beautiful demi-fine jewellery; Azuni's Pueblo range is ideal to pair with bare outfits. This simple and refined, modern sterling silver and gold vermeil collection features arrowheads, stars and ancient American iconography, perfect for layering.

The crochet look

Crochet is back. As designers look for more ways to become sustainable, there’s something quite special about a fashion trend that embraces heirloom-quality material and a handmade technique that can be passed down through generations.

Which jewellery to wear with crochet

Add a touch of shimmer with a gold vermeil jewellery piece. Gold vermeil is becoming more popular, having the same desirability of pure gold without the high price tag. Azuni's gold vermeil pieces are perfect to wear on its own to add a perfect subtle touch of bling to any outfit.

The cut-out look

Spring is not quite warm enough for shorts and crops, but a dress or blouse with cut-outs is the ideal solution for the rising heat. We are seeing more designers playing around with cut-out designs which subtly expose different parts of the waist and midriff. The cut-out look is by no means made to be revealing, but rather to add extra detail and flair to simpler pieces.

Which jewellery to wear with cut-out pieces

Cut-out pieces offer extra detail to an outfit, so there is no need for bold necklaces or earrings. Simply add extra style with some stunning finger candy. Azuni's rings can be stacked to add a bit of playfulness or worn on its own for a more elegant look.

Azuni London rings jewellery

The buttoned-up look

Tying in with the classic looks we are seeing on the runways, is the button-up shirt in softer colours. This timeless piece can be dressed up or down with any pair of pants or a skirt.

Which jewellery to wear with a button-up shirt

Add an elegant touch to your look with a unique Talon pendant necklace. This native-inspired, 18 karat gold vermeil piece will give you that extra confidence to make you stand out from the crowd, day or night. The tropical look The tropical prints trend shows no sign of slowing. From frangipani florals to palm prints, with the tropical look you can operate on island time all day! Opt for a chic two-piece set or a flowy dress, and pair it with leather sandals and a vintage belt.

Azuni Talon Necklace gold vermeil

The tropical look

Tropical Trend 2020

The tropical prints trend shows no sign of slowing. From frangipani florals to palm prints, with the tropical look you can operate on island time all day! Opt for a chic two-piece set or a flowy dress, and pair it with leather sandals and a vintage belt.

Which jewellery to wear with tropical prints 

AZUNI aztec deco collection

To complement your tropical-inspired outfit add a bold piece from Azuni's Aztec Deco collection. This demi-fine jewellery range includes an eclectic mix of hard-edged, geometric jewellery such as chevrons, stylised floral and sunshine patterns, brought to life with a flash of lapis lazuli.

b>The verdict: There is nothing like the start of a new season to spice up a wardrobe. With the focus on more sustainability, it is now easier to invest in pieces that will last. And with neon brights, classic whites and tropical prints, spring 2020 is set to be a stylish season. Mix and match pieces and add some extra flair to your outfit with handmade jewellery from Azuni – spring is the perfect time to experiment!