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5% of every purchase of our Artisan Handcrafted Jewellery goes towards supporting children through schooling in Guatemala and providing their families with food parcels

Going back to our roots!

After an exhausting 18 hour journey, I have finally arrived where Azuni all began! It was quite emotional to return to where I first fell in love with a Native Indian culture and people, and became transfixed by their craft.

A little over 15 years ago - as a younger, adventurous 20 something year old, I swapped my palette of tools of chef's knives, whisks and spices, to palette of stones, metals and pliers. It was here, in Central America, working with indigenous tribes that I formed my ideas and passion for what Azuni London would become.

Increadibly it has already been 10 years since I was last year - and everyone looks the same! The food, smells and sounds, are so familiar - and opening up my window this morning to the volcano looming in the distance was certainly not a bad way to start the day. I'll try not to mention the fact that the airline mislaid my case which I have been without!

My morning vista!



And oh yes....yumm. I forgot how good breakfast is....a good ol' dollop of refried beans - what better way to start the day? not.