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A clean and contemporary take on an ancient craftmanship: SS17 DREAMCATCHER

 D I S C O V E R   T H E   E D I T 


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SS17 DELICA | Summer Holiday Style

Azuni Summer Holiday Style Jewellery Blog

A clean and contemporary take on an ancient craftmanship, our SS17 DREAMCATCHER collection takes beadwork to a new level of luxury and sophistication, through the use of  of refined, japanese Miyuki ‘delica’ beads, intricately woven into a myriad of inspired designs... perfect for stylish summer adventures.

Azuni Shiloh Feather Beadwork Necklace | Summer Jewelry Style

For daytime lounging by the pool or beach, our  S H I L O H  Feather Necklace will add a touch of free spirited, bohemian luxury to your look . . .

Azuni Chandelier Beadwork Earrings | Summer Holiday Jewelry

Opulent accessories, radiating bright, bold beauty,  our  B O N I T A  Chandelier Earrings were born to accompany you on those sunset evenings . . .

Azuni Leather Beadwork Bracelets | Summer Holiday Jewelry Style

For daytime adventuring . . . our  S A T I N K A  and  B O L L O  Leather Bracelets blend practicality and flair as the ultimate day time accessories! 

Azuni Tayanita Earrings | Summer Holiday Jewelry Style

...and finally... our  T A Y A N I T A  Fringe Earrings were designed to move with you on any big summer nights out!