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SANTA FE | Collection

SANTA FE | Collection

SANTA Azuni London Jewellery tale that is wild, free spirited, and full of flair!  An ode to the birth of bohemia in the 1960's where the first western settlers encountered the Pueblo villages of New Mexico, SANTA FE celebrates the fusion of cultures which sparked a global creative movement...something that has become enshrined in history as the 'SANTA FE' style or BOHO (as it is more commonly known) !;

It was a chance enounter with a cooperative of Mayan Artisans in the early 1980's on his travels of South and Central America , that sparked Azuni's Creative Director Ashley Marshall to embark on a life of jewellery making.  Starting with Azuni's signature beadwork created in a fairtrade partnership with these very same women weavers, Azuni created it's first SANTA FE collection five years ago.  This was directly inspired by a trip to New Mexico, and it's spirited capital, which presented a kind of bohemian fairytale!  Blending sculptural steershead pendants and crow skulls, with distressed leather cording, SS11 SANTA FE radiated soul, spirit and style and was unlike anything else on the market at the time. 

Indulging our nostalgia for this beloved collection, we have recreated it for 2017, updating it in reference to contemporary trends to create a statement jewellery tale that is 'wild, free-spirited and full of flair'.  It is an Azuni favourite and part of our history so we hope you love it as much as us! 

D I S C O V E R   S A N T A   F E 

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