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Moonstone Benefits - Why is wearing Moonstone said to be healing?

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Moonstone Benefits - Why is wearing Moonstone said to be healing?

Moonstone jewellery: The symbolism and healing meaning behind moonstone.

At Azuni we are curious about the spiritual side of natural moonstone and its various energising benefits. Moonstone is said to possess many qualities and healing powers. Its uses have always been more than just the exquisite moonstone jewellery that it produces.

Moonstone is known to have many meanings and one of the overriding reasons for its use is for protection while travelling. It is also recommended for anyone looking for peace, balance and calm in their life. Historically, moonstone has been said to possess feminine energies and can benefit fertility, love, protection and sleep. Its powers lie in the ability to soothe stress, anxiety and help to create a feeling of balance.

Its essence is associated with our crown chakra and spiritual centre. Overall, it is regarded as a gemstone that creates a feeling of wholeness on an emotional level. No wonder, this beautiful luminescent stone has grown in popularity and is now being used by many high-end jewellery designers who are even combining moonstones with diamond sapphires and other precious stones.

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Have you ever wondered where moonstone comes from?

Moonstone is one of our most favoured gemstones to work with. We love its pearly, soft, opalescent appearance that seems to draw you in. Combined with its apparent mystical properties, moonstone is truly a wonderful and unique stone to design with.

This gemstone belongs to a mineral group called feldspars. It is an unassuming rough stone which only reveals its true beauty and luminescence once it's been cleaned and polished. Typically, moonstone is found in India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Central America and it comes in many colours, each said to have their own specific properties and benefits for healing and balancing. Its colours include Blue Moonstone, Grey Moonstone, Peach Moonstone, White Moonstone and Rainbow moonstone.

It is largely associated with the moon for its silvery colouring that seems to glow from within and its similarities in appearance. Going back in history it has been appreciated through the ages, by many different cultures, religions and nationalities. It is ideal for creating meaningful jewellery collections that each have a unique aura of their own that stands out from other semi-precious gemstones.

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Understanding why we love designing moonstone jewellery

Azuni’s Creative Director, Ashley Marshall shares his first experiences when discovering moonstone and how he feels about the stone now.

 “I fell in love with this gemstone when I first sat down with my stone cutters and started to design it." It’s a stone that Ashley has worked with a lot over the years and designed into some remarkable pieces of moonstone jewellery.

“I was able to transform the raw material, from unassuming lumps of rock into a translucent luminescent object of true beauty. This immediately sparked ideas and designs that I couldn’t’ wait to get to work on."

At Azuni our stones are sourced directly by Ashley when he travels to Jaipur or Peru.

“I hold tremendous value in the fact that no two stones are ever the same, as this highlights the wonder and pureness of nature”. In turn, this means that each piece that Azuni creates is always unique to its wearer.

Why any moonstone jewellery piece makes a perfect gift

Moonstone makes an ideal gift for any occasion, such as Mother’s Day or any birthday. It is known as the birthstone for the month of June, the gemstone for Zodiac sign Cancer and associated with Gemini. This makes it the perfect birthday present for anyone born in this month especially. It is also traditionally a 13th wedding anniversary gift as it is said to represent love and stability in relationships.

We work with gemstones to produce special artisan jewellery, some of which has been worn by the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been seen on various occasions wearing our 'Kate' Small Drop Stone Earrings in Gold. This line is one of our bestsellers and now comes in numerous colours. Recently we’ve introduced the option to buy and wear these pretty drop stone earrings in a peach and rainbow moonstone too.

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How can you buy handmade jewellery from our unique moonstone range?

At Azuni we use moonstone to create our own individual designs. We offer a large collection of styles and colours, consisting of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. We can think of no better purchase, be it to treat yourself or as a gift. Our entire range of artisan jewellery can be ordered online with free UK delivery and worldwide delivery available, free for purchases over £100. You can explore our full range and buy handmade jewellery here.

Moonstone products by Azuni

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