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How to wear stacking rings.

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How to wear stacking rings.

How to wear gemstone, silver or gold stacking rings.

Knowing how to create the perfect ring stack can be a little confusing and to be honest, fairly challenging. But the truth is really, anything goes. Your ring stack should be an expression of yourself – so, if you’re comfortable with it – it works!

There are several tips, however, that can help you to curate the look you’re after. So, here’s are our take on how you can wear your stacking rings for the ultimate on-trend looks.

The Minimalist Look.

If you’re after something a little more ethereal and delicate, choose to wear a mix of thin bands across your hand – even just one on your index, middle and little finger, for example. It’s certainly one of Meghan Markle’s favourite looks. Even with the crown jewels ready to wear, the Duchess of Sussex still relies on the signets and stackable bands from her pre-royalty days by designer jewellery brands like Catbird and BaubleBar.

Our Bodicea Gold Vermeil Stacking Ring or our Mini Eternity Stacking ring is a great starting point.

Make a statement.

For a more edgy look, go for some bolder pieces – even just up one finger. And there’s no rule against mixing it up with some more delicate pieces if you feel like it. Working with just one colour can look great – just silver or just gold stacking rings.

Start with our Etrusca Wide Ring With Teardrop Stone and Etrusca Domed Beaded Ring for example. Or if silver’s your thing, try our Cosmic Gemstone Silver Stacking Ring, Vermeer Pearl Drop Silver Stacking RIng and Marquis Silver Stacking Ring.

Mix it up.

Don’t be afraid to wear silver and gold stacking rings together for a very on-trend look. Mixing your metals really creates your own style and your own story. Wear just up one finger or across your whole hand and it will definitely get people talking.

Go for our: Tulum Signet Ring With Set Diamond, Ophelia Open Stacking ring, and Bodicea Silver Stacking ring.

Over the Rainbow

Curating a layered look of coloured gemstone rings look stunning. Either wear the same ring in all its colourways or mix with varying sizes of gemstone rings for a more uneven yet very cool look.

One of our favourites for this look is our Mini Eternity Stacking Ring or Apollo Stacking Ring.

Don't be shy!

So, don't be shy. Azuni jewellery invites you to play around and create your own story. Perhaps start off with one of your staple rings that has its own significance for you. Wear it prominently on your middle finger... and then just add as you feel fit.