Be seen in Green


This season it’s all about going back to nature - and being in harmony. Try one of this season’s freshest colours -  GREEN!

Seen on the catwalks and on worn on the red carpet by the likes of Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence, this mesmorising and invigorating shade suits pretty much any colour combinations and should be injected it into your outfits as soon as possible! What could be a more a simple way to wear this trend than to pop on a beautiful pair of Gold rimmed Azuni Cleo earrings with green onyx centre or Athena gold bangle with a set green onyx gemstone? Wear it with confidence as this colour will give you elegance and distinction. If you fancy a more casual look try one of our Friendship macramé braclets or a Dreamcatcher seadbeed necklace or bracelet. We've chosen some key pieces to accessorise with.

green ath bangleath neck


freind necl

ath E NECK