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Clever Crystals - Azuni's London's New Year Guide to the power of gemstones!


January...a time of rest, relaxation and recuperation, where you strip back the clutter of Christmas, and renew yourself for the year ahead...

We at Azuni London, believe Jewellery serves a greater purpose than just decorative ornamentation.  Instead we are adovocators of the holistic belief that, the gemstones forming such a constant feature of our collections, are infused with positive energies.  Simply acknowledging this viewpoint, transforms your jewellery into beautiful,  powerful support tools, improving your mood and wellbeing. To sustain your new year renewal through the last few weeks of January, read on to learn about the spiritual properties of our most popular stone types, to see which piece of our jewellery is best suited to helping you achieve your goals! 


We feel it is only right to begin with Aqua Chalcedony - our most popular stone, which comprised the drop stone earrings bought and worn so beautifully by the Duchess of Cambridge.  However, this gorgeous crystal has the potential to offer far more than just a tranquil sense of beauty.  Long harnessed by Native American Indians in their ceremonial activies to promote wellbeing, Aqua Chalcedony is considered a 'nurturing stone'.  Consequently,wearers can expect to be relieved of anxiety, openminded to new ideas, and more benevolent, generous and ultimately, successful, in all their endeavours.  If trying new things, or simply increasing your patience is your 2016 resolution, then our vast range of  Aqua Chalcedony pieces, including our Hera Round Pendant Necklace, are the tokens for you! Shop HERE now.



In western culture, white is a colour of innocence, purity and neutrality. However spiritual lore defines WHITE AGATE, as a stone of STRENGTH radiating physical energy, that has been intergrated by soldiers over history into their armour, to protect them against enemy forces. It is additionally understood to enhance creativity and expand intellect, making it a beneficial token for students and artists (and art students in particular...).   If your bravery, creativity and intellect need a boost, then consider investing in a some white agate jewellery, such as our Athena Triumvirate Earrings , as a center of these positive energies. 



Our BLACK ONYX pieces are traditionally most popular amongst our more minimal and fashion-focused Azunians. However, from a spiritual perspective, BLACK ONYX has been credited throughout history as the 'stone of self mastery' , which absorbs negative energy, and transforms it into a healthy self-esteem and a fortified sense of self-confidence, to provide the wearer with both physical and emotional strength.  If becoming more assertive and confident is one of your resolutions, then support this wish with our bold and powerful, Black Onyx Venice Bracelet and Earrings



Just on appearance, Lapis Lazuli, with it's deep blue hue permeated by gold flecks, projects a sense of bold celestial power, explaining it's evolution throughout history to become understood as a symbol royalty and honour, gods and power, spirirts and vision and wisdom and truth. This was particularly relevant to Ancient Egyptian Society, highlighted by the golden sacrophagus of Tutankhamun which was richly inlaid with lapis. Lapis is the stone recommended to those, looking to align themselves with inner peace and good judgement in all their endeavours.  It is additionally heralded as a stone of truth, encouraging honesty in everything we say, do and write, and consequently nurturing close, harmonious and long-lasting relationships. Our Blue Lapis Drop Stone Earrings, and matching Venice Bracelet, are the perfect corresponding motivational lifetools.



We at Azuni believe you are firmly in charge of your own destiny.  However as jewellery artisans, we also believe that the power of crystals has the potential to give anyone open minded, a little nudge in the right direction, and provide them with the confidence and belief to be whomever they wish.

Happy January Azunians!