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5% of every purchase of our Artisan Handcrafted Jewellery goes towards supporting children through schooling in Guatemala and providing their families with food parcels

Dreamcatcher | Luxury Artisan Jewellery

Dreamcatcher |  Luxury Artisan Jewellery

Beadwork is where the Azuni story began and for the past two decades we have proudly led the way in contemporary bead crafts, through the creation of over twenty unique, handcrafted collections in conjunction with our ethical cooperative of Mayan Women in rural Latin America.

In an area of rural poverty and female disempowerment, our co-operative workshop provides our women weavers with the means to actively support themselves and their families and become leaders in their community… whilst simultaneously ensuring this precious, ancient tribal craftsmanship is not lost, as indigenous populations come under threat from encroaching capitalism and rapid urbanisation.

Dreamcatcher Charity Collection | Azuni London Jewellery

However there is always more that can be done. So for AW17, we have joined forces with local grassroots charity ‘Pueblo a Pueblo’ , to actively give back to this commmunity Azuni has supported and evolved with over the past twenty years.

Dreamcatcher Charity Collection | Azuni London Jewellery

‘Pueblo a Pueblo’ can be interpreted as ‘people to people’ or ‘village to village’, and it’s mission is to ‘improve the health, education and food security’ of families in rural communities in Latin America. This includes the 43,000 strong mayan community Azuni is directly entwined with. Through collaborating with local community members to develop appropriate solutions that both respond to and respect the needs of the people they serve, Pueblo a Pueblo has generated incredibly meaningful and sustainable change within these areas.  Empowering local peoples to better their lives in ways directly relevant to them goes a long way towards evolving, preserving and protecting indigenous communities under threat, and is creating a future of health, education and opportunity for the children of Guatemala and beyond.

Dreamcatcher Charity Collection | Azuni London Jewellery

10% of the COST of everything we create in conjunction with our cooperative of women weavers will be donated to Pueblo a Pueblo.  Choosing to donate a percentage of our costs, rather than our profits, shows our commitment to supporting the amazing work of this charity, regardless of bottom line sales.

Unlike typical ‘charity collections’ where the primary objective is positive PR and donations are reliant on profit, this collaboration is a commitment to a valuable and often overlooked cause that goes right to the heart of what we do.  Through purchasing our signature artisan beadwork as a retailer or consumer, you will be directly contributing to the wellbeing of a community central to the Azuni brand and helping to make the world a fairer place!

Dreamcatcher Charity Collection | Azuni London Jewellery

For more information about our chosen charity 'Pueblo a Pueblo' click  HERE

Dreamcatcher Charity Collection | Azuni London Jewellery