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SS17 Festival Jewellery Edit

SS17 Festival Jewellery Edit

With the tentative arrival of the British Summer in the past weeks, it is time to say a firm hello to festival season, as the countdown to some of the country's biggest and best musical events finally begins.  It is the unpredicatbility of British weather that we are famous for...and something that makes festival dressing in the UK a particularly pecarious balance between full on fashion flair and plain 'pac-a-mac' practicality.

Specifically designed to empower our azunians to express themselves from the inside out, the wild, free spirited and soulful nature of all A Z U N I  L O N D O N  Treasures, makes them the ultimate style companions for any event you intend to be raving at this summer.  Paired with their conscious craftmanship from resilient materials designed to withstand even the fiercest of downpours, your Azuni armour will ensure you never have to sacrifice style for sensibility....

D I S C O V E R   O U R   T O P   F E S T I V A L   P I C K S

Azuni London Santa Maria Gold Beadwork Earrings

Statement, shoulder duster earrings have been 2017's signature jewellery trend, stylishly straining the earlobes of our favourite celebs and fashionistas for months on end.  The bohemian, feel-good flair radiating from our ethically handcrafted ' S A N T A ' Chandelier beadwork earrings finished with gold plated tasseling, has twisted this trend into the fantastic realm of  festival fashion!

D I S C O V E R   ' S A N T A  '   E A R R I N G S

Flora Woven Fairtrade Cuff | Azuni London Jewellery

Our 'Flora' woven crystal cuff was inspired by the radiant beauty of the rising sun - something that was witnessed in the early hours at Berrinas Beach after the most incredible and unexpected night of partying in Ibiza.  It is our wish that all Azuni Treasures, inspired by a lifetime of amazing moments travelling the world, are there to accompany you on your biggest adventures...and ethically handcrafted  'Flora' has been destined for the best in feel-good festival fashion!

D I S C O V E R   ' F L O R A '

Beadwork Fairtrade Butterfly Necklaces | Azuni London jewellery Festival Style

'Spread your wings and fly Butterfly' ... our meticulously detailed and lovingly handcrafted ' M A E R U L A '  and ' M A R I P O S A '  Beadwork Butterflies were created to honour and evoke the fabulous and the free!  We would all love a British festival weekend is the only ounce of free-spirited, wonderfulness you can expect to look forward to this summer, celebrate in style with these mood transforming treasures...because who doesn't enjoy a beauitful Butterfly?

D I S C O V E R   'M A E R U L A '   A N D   ' M A R I P O S A '