NEW YEAR NEW YOU 2016 - Tips and Trinkets to start the year off right!

Twelfth Night has arrived and the decorations are down.  Take off the Christmas Jumper, stop eating leftovers and get off the sofa...2016 is here, and, as the old story goes, it's time for a NEWER and BETTER YOU!!  We all dream big.  However, unrealistic goals you can't keep, will just set you up for a year of resentment and that's not fun for anyone.  So, Azuni London is here to assist with a set of solid and achievable resolutions, accompanied by the perfect symbolic piece of Jewellery from our current collections, to spur you on!



It is the consensus of psychologists that positive thinking can do WONDERS for your mental and physical health, by reducing the harmful effects of stress on the body! If we become more positive about ourselves and what we can achieve , then any resolution can be realised because no dream will ever be too big! Our 'DESIRE, ASK, BELIEVE, RECIEVE, Sterling Silver Necklace, from our BELIEVE collection, is the perfect little motivational mind tool to kickstart this positivity! 



Exercise may be a tradtion on the resolution list, but it's always the hardest to stick to. This may be something to do with the thought of a boring tiring gym workout after a long working day!  However, this is where yoga glides to the rescue, as the perfect exercise practise, not just for a knock out physique but for a stress free mind!  Just an hour's weekly practise increases strength and flexibility, plus it's detoxing health benefits make it as relaxing as a luxury spa day.  Our STELLAR TRIPLE CHARM LOTUS NECKLACE inspired by Ashley's travels in Thailand and his encounters with yogi masters and buddhist culture is THE token to help you get your zen on! 



After weeks of Christmas Stodge, nearly everyone resolves to eat a bit better, but it's only ever a few days until it's back to a daily cake/chocolate/wine fix.  HOWEVER, the start of a new year means SUMMER IS COMING! Getting into shape for some 2016 fun in the sun, is the perfect motivation to stick to healthy eating goals through the dark winter months, and make looking and feeling amazing a way of life. Make use of Azuni's bright, vibrant, travel-inspired beadwork collections as the perfect vibrant reminder of your end goal! 





Your money is hard earned, so spend it wisely. Whilst 'sympathy' impulse buys are always tempting in boring january, whats the point of buying something carelessly only to have to chuck it when it breaks, or is no longer considered 'fashionable'.  The more sensible you are the greater opportunity there will be to reward yourself with something really special, of high qality, authentic design and ethical craftmanship, that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime - like our regal 24kt gold finished and gemstone studded ATHENA CUFF.  Seriously, what could be more tempting?



A key ingredient for a fulfilled life is a healthy self esteem - so don't forget to shower yourself with a bit of self-love every now and again, to balance the criticism we all inflict on ourselves.  By granting yourself the occasional treat, such as a massage, a top class meal, or a little bit of jewellery, like Azuni's uplifiting set stone earrings, you can nurture your body and soul, an be the person you always wanted to be! 



However you choose to spend your 2016, Azuni London wishes you a marvellous New Year...!!!!