Quirky jewellery storage ideas

Jewellery storage

If you're a jewellery lover you will know the struggles of trying to store all your fabulous pieces niceley. We have found some quirky ideas to help you show off all your beutiful pieces of jewellery in your home.

How about using the spirals of a calender to hang your necklaces.

Jewellery calendar

Or this vintage tennis raquet is perfect for hanging earrings.

Tennis racket jewellery holder

Fancy something a little more elequent? How about storing your favourite pieces on a delicate cake stand. 

Tea cup storage

Perhaps the quirkiest idea yet, a colourful grater makes a perfect earring hanger.

Grater jewellery storage

Or a garden rake, hung up on the wall to hang your necklaces. 

Jewellery rake

And for something a little more stylish, nailing a drawer on a wall makes a perfect jewellery hanger.