What jewellery to take where?


Summer is almost here, and that means one thing, your summer holiday is just around the corner! Whether you are going on a city break or relaxing beach holiday, we have put together a guide to help you decide what pieces of Azuni jewellery you should take with you this year. 

 The City Break 

New York, Paris or even Prague? City breaks are becominng increasingly popular, as people are jetting off for long weekends to visit a new city. 

city break

Fashion is everything in cosmopolitan cities, so remaining stylish is a must, we think our contemporary Etruscan range will ensure you're ultra fashionable on your city break from dawn to dusk. 

City fashion


The Beach Holday

The British Summer can sometimes be a little dissapointing, so heading off on a plane is ever so tempting. Whether you're off to Majorca or Miami, if the sun is shining and the sea is glistening, it's sure to be a memorable time for you and your family. 


Our dreamcatcher range is the ultimate collection for summer, with it's native American inspiration, the lovely woven glass seed beads and crystals will glisten in the blistering sun, the variety in colours will brighten up the most simple outfit. Adding a touch of dreamcatcher to your jewellery box this summer is a must. 

summer fashion

 Greek Islands

Some of the most beautiful villages in the world can be seen throughout the Greek Islands, from Rhodes to Corfu, the beauty that stretches this part of Europe is truly breathtaking. 

Greek Islands

Our Athena range takes much of its inspiration from this stunning part of the world, from earrings to bracelets our collection, named after the Greek goddess Athena,  is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your trip. 

Greek fashion