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The Hallowed Hoop. An ultimate jewellery essential that will always tower

D I S C O V E R   T H E   E D I T

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'Hallowed Hoops' | A Jewellery Essential

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The Hallowed Hoop. An ultimate jewellery essential that will always tower majestically over whatever jewellery trends are thrown at us each season, due to its simple versatility and a HUGE potential for flair! A favoured fashion accessory for decades from Cher in the 1960s to the 1990s Material GirlMadonna, earring hoops actually possesses deep cultural roots, going way beyond the boundaries of western fashion.

Lydia Silver Hammered Hoops

T H E   H I S T O R Y   O F   E A R R I N G   H O O P S

Dating back aeons to the ancient Sumerians from modern-day Iraq in 2600 B.C, multiple variations of the hoop have been adopted by a range of cultures around the world, from the Hmong women of Vietnam to the Gadaba tribe of India.
In the 1960s this ancient style evolved to carry a political significance, becoming especially popular among African American women during the Black Power movement when many were embracing Afrocentric dress. From activists like Angela Davis to artists like Tina Turner, more women were adopting an African-inspired look that embraced natural hairstyles and earring hoops. The birth of ‘Soul Style’.

The statement jewellery continued upon the crest of the cultural wave into the 70s/80s when it was embraced by disco divas like Diana Ross and Donna Summer, and by the 1990s became a fixture of Chola style, which was embraced by working-class Mexican American women in Southern California; A fierce look defined by slicked-down baby hair,  lip-liner, and dramatic door-knocker silver and gold earring hoops.

Whatever its representation, the power of the hoop earring to transcend decades and identities lies in its symbolism as a beacon of fierceness and strength! 


Marina Gemstone Charm Hoop Earrings

T H E   A Z U N I   H O O P

A long-held fascination with ancient civilisations, tribal art forms and global pop culture, means Azuni jewellery has always been about far more than fashion. And the sheer wealth of creative inspiration blooming from this incredibly rich, vibrant history, means it is no wonder the Hoop Earring is a style present in nearly every collection we have ever created.

From luminescent gemstones paired with luxurious metal texturing in  A T H E N A, our gold earring range, to the myriad of beaded swingers hanging out in our bohemian  D R E A M C A T C H E R  beadwork, like all Azuni jewellery, our Hoop Earrings were designed with a world of warriors, goddesses and empresses in mind.

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Meli Crystal Beaded Hoops

'Marina' Gold Gemstone Hoops | Azuni London Jewelry