Graduation Glory! Celebrate the achievement of a loved one with Azuni London!



Across the country, after three years hard toil (and a little partying of course) thousands of relieved students have recieved their exam results and are gearing up for their graduations!  At Azuni London, our vast range of authentically designed, travel inspired, handcrafted jewellery means you will always find the perfect gift to help a loved one celebrate a special occasion this summer. Graduation, as the pinnacle of over 16 years of education, is no exception!  


To make your gifting quest even easier, our newest gift edit online at curates our jewellery into a series of platforms from gorgeous little trinkets under £30 and more significant treasures under £50, to our more luxury stand out pieces ideal for those once in a lifetime celebrations that deserve to be marked by something incredibly special!  For a little burst of inspiration, read on for our graduation styling edit, where we reveal our favourite Azuni graduation accessories for a whole range of students and ceremonies, from the expressive arts universitiies to the more classic Russell Group! 






For many of the more classic, traditional universities, whilst any graduating student is within their right to wear whatever they want, smart,understated clothing that doesn't detract from the academic dress is definitely expected.  Thats where our Sterling Silver and 24kt gold finished Stellar Collection steps up, as the perfect classy pieces appropriate to the formality of this occasion, whilst simultaneously allowing one to stand out and feel special with a little sparkle!  





Graduation Ceremonies at the country's art universities, just like the courses and the students they teach, are all about expression, individuality and flair, with the graduation robes secondary to the style that lies beneath.  Our unique, handcrafted Viva beadwork blending vivid colourways and gorgeous materials, with a soulful and liberal fairtrade ethos, are the ultimate accessories to mark this special occasion for any artistic, passionate individuals! 





Generally occuring in the Summer season, Graduation Ceremonies are understood as bright, sunny events!  However the typical unpredictable weather in the UK, means this is definitely no guarantee. Whilst we wish you all a beautiful sunny day with our fingers tightly crossed, chances of a few grey storm clouds, or a rogue rainstorm can never be underestimated.  However whilst you can't do anything about the weather, you CAN do something about your accessories and compensate with a summery look if the skies are not up to scratch.  The vibrant shades of our divine Prehenite and Green Onyx Delphi delights sing of summertime, with a english country meadow twist, making them the perfect bright adornments for this very purpose!!





Finally, our newest SS16 Hera Collection, blending radiant Marquis Cut Gemstones, with a choice of a 24kt gold or silver finish, are the perfectly classy yet vibrant graduation adornments for any ceremony, student or time of year.  With 15% off any two pieces from this divine collection with code 'Heramulti', graduating students can adorn themselves with a whole armour of Hera Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces to make themselves feel beautifully invincible on the day that marks the end of their education and their entry into the big wide world.