Festival Friendship Bundles - 2016 Summer Styling


With last sunday hotter than Spain, Portugal and even Ibiza, it's finally safe to claim that Summer is very fast approaching ...and with summer, comes FESTIVAL SEASON.  Having already kicked off in the middle of April with the infamous Coachella, the trends that will dominate SS16 Festival Fields in the next few months has already been set.  However, since every festival, regardless of it's story, is laced with a strong boho edge evolving from the days of Woodstock in the 60's, our ethically handcrafted luxury SS16 Friendship Bundles are a festival accessory must have...and wtih 9 styles, each with their own distinct flavour, there truly is a set for each and every festival you are lucky enough to be raving at this summer!  


All Azuni's Viva Collections have been specifically designed for the bold, the spirited and the experimental, to enable you to express yourself from the inside out, making every Viva colletion the ultimate adornments for festival season!




As the number one UK festival all about sass, style and status, with an enormous UK and international celebrity influx (*cough* Kate Moss), at last year's glastobury there was genuinely not a flower crown in site (trust us we were there!!).  Instead the vibe seemed to be centered around the chic end of festival fashion, with lots of black, leather, gold and designer clobber, paired with the necessary knock out welly boots. As the most fashion forward of our SS16 Sterling Silver Friendship Bundles, Ishaa's blend of black silk parachute cording with gold, silver and oave crystals, is the ultimate in boho luxury that Glastonbury expects! 




Occuring at the culmination of the UK festival season, Bestival is all about one completely mental, psychadelic, escapist blow out, to mark the end of summer and for one last time completely remove yourself from the realities Autumn is sure to bring...(well thats the bits we remember anyway!). Prepare your senses to be slapped around the face, with a concoction of clashing colours, trippy animal costumes and banging tunes, as well as the sheer sadness when you return to normal life, of feeling like you have been dragged kicking and screaming from the gates of wonderland. The bold, bright and rich colours of our Preeti Bracelet radiates life and soul, making it the perfect psychedelic accessory to accompany you on this expressive adventure!. 





Festivals and sustainability are two words that aren't really friends, highlighted by the pictures we see every year of  the mountains of beer cans and scraggy old tents consuming what were once beautiful green fields, as festival revellers make their way home.  However this is where the SECRET GARDEN PARTY comes in, as the UK's and possibly one of the world's greenest festivals.  This is due to both their active concern over their environmental impact and the measures they put in place to minimise it as much as possible, as well as the support they give to environmental charities.  For example, cars are completely banned from the site to reduce pollution, with an electric 'Big Green Coach' used to ferry people to and from the festival.  All our cording is ethically handcrafted from materials and methods friendly to people and the environment.

However it is our EVAANNI bundle, bringing together the white of the polar ice caps, navy of ocean lagoons and khaki of the rainforest, that is specifically for those in touch with the natural world!




 English festivals are amazing - however if we were to give them one little criticism it would be the unpredictability of the weather, which each year results in predictable pictures of mud caked festival goers looking  sodden and unhappy.  The amazing weather in Croatia means OUTLOOK has no such issues.  Instead look forward to warm weather and glorious sunsets to accompany an epic international festival experience.  The sunset colours of our Sudrini Sterling Silver Friendship Bundle, makes it all about those big dreamers who reach for the sky, making it the perfect accessory to accompany you on the trip of a lifetime! 





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