John Lewis stock up on Azuni

Last week's meeting at John Lewis HQ went really well. Ashley and Andrew met with the buyers up in their Oxford Street offices with, amongst other things, our new cording collection range. It was no suprise that John Lewis fell in love with them as these simple corded bracelets are so easy to wear and will come in a whole rainbow of colours. Azuni will be producing an exclusive range to John Lewis for Christmas.  

As one of their beset selling clients, we will also be supplying our new Athena earrings such as the Athena Diamond hoop earring. This antitque style, elegant earring has a textured 4kt matt gold plate finish and a set semi precious Marquis shaped stone which comes  in a variety of stone colours. 

It looks like they'll be stocking up on these new style gold plated bangles and tone pendant necklaces too! So a very productive day and Azuni are very chuffed to be working in partnership with John Lewis who, as their latest advert says, never stand still!

And tying in with our success on several airlines....John Lewis will be stocking Azuni in their  FIRST EVER airport shop which will be Heathrow when it reopens.