Who is blogging about us?


If you aren't already aware blogging is becoming increasing popular. Whether it's food, fashion or travelling, there are lots of different blogs to suit everyone! Luckily for us bloggers love blogging about Azuni and we love it when they chose to feature our pieces, here are a few of our regular bloggers we think you check out.

Temporary Secretary 

Temporary secretory

Temporary secretary

Sarah featured our Happiness coin necklace, which looked gorgeous with a collard dress. This piece has been a real favourite amungt bloggers. 

Athena necklace

Sarah (Temporary Secretary) also loved our Athena Amethyst Necklace and featureed it in her "Top 5 gold necklace" blog.

Wonderful You

Wonderful You  

Dreamcatcher cuff

Dreamcatcher cuff

Megan (Wonderful You) chose to feature our josepha beaded Dreamcatcher Cuff which can be dressed down for a fashionable day time look. 

Heroine in Heels

Heroine in heels

 Dream necklace

Laura (Heroine in Heels) dressed up our Dream Message Necklace which looks beautiful with this low cut black dress. 

Cleo coin necklace

Laura also loved our very popular Cleo Coin Necklace, which is so versitle and can be worn all year round. 

Style Boulevard

Etrusca earrings

Etrusca earrings

Marie-Louise (Style Boulevard) is a London based German blogger who we just love. We have worked with her on numerous occasions and just love her style and photography. Above she is wearing our Aqua Chalcedony Etrusca Earrings. 

Athena earrings 

Athena earrings

Leaving the most popular till last, Marie-Louise recently blogged about our famous "Kate Middleton" earrings, these Amethyst Drop Stone Studs look so stylish worn with her oversized denim jacket. We love Marie-Louise's blog and think everyone should check it out.