10% of all proceeds this Bank Holiday Weekend donated to WWF in support of #wearitwild!


 With Christmas over 6 months ago, birthdays only once a year, and a limited number of special occasions, it's not often you can treat yourself/ be treated to something new without that inevitable feeling of guilt as your bank balance takes a hit.  With hundreds of stunning FAIRTRADE Azuni jewellery pieces to lust over, an with more treasures added each week, we truly understand the struggle!   

That's why we are delighted to announce that this bank holiday weekend, any Azuni purchase, however large or small, will be entirely guilt free! 

This is due to a whole load of reasons. For one, simply the fact it's a bank holiday is a special occasion enough to treat yourself as a reward for grudgingly enduring the mind numbing, stifling, daily commute. Secondly as is typical of any special occasion that falls during British summertime the weather is predicted to be rubbish, with a full day of rain Saturday and Monday, and a grey bleak Sunday. Since it's likely you'll spend your days on the sofa, sleeping, comfort eating and watching Rom cons, restricted from summertime adventuring , it's only right to seek some excitement from a bit of online Azuni shopping to make the weekend feel rightly special!


However the TRUE reason why any AZUNI purchase in particular made this weekend is not only guilt free but actively 'do good' is to do with the fact that 10% of any proceeds we take between now and midnight on Monday, will be donated to the incredible animal saviours that are WWF, in support of their 'wear it wild' campaign!! 





Fundraising in aid of animal conservation and welfare across the globe for over half a century, WWF has been responsible for coaxing several endangered species back from the brink of extinction. However, it is the mass production structure of the fashion industry which threatens animal habitats across the world, as land is stolen to produce resources for poor quality clothing people are made to feel they want, yet do not really need or care about.




The lifeblood of the Azuni brand, is the inspiration our designer Ashley Marshall has gleaned on his travels across the world, with his love for animals and the natural world forming an integral part of his designs (as you can see from the colourway of our jewellery). Consequently one of the central objectives of Azuni is to offer the market an alternative to mass production, through authentically designed, high quality, FAIRTRADE jewellery treasures that will stay with you for far longer than a fashion season! 

If like us, you are passionate about fabulous feel good jewellery and animal welfare, what could be better?  Discover Azuni and make a single purchase, however large or small to celebrate the bank holiday weekend and donate to WWF now!