Get to the Point and Tell her you Love Her! Azuni London's 2016 Valentines Gift Guide

To help you shower the love 'jewellery style', this Valentines Day, Azuni London is offering 20% off TWO pieces from any ONE collection, with the code VALENTINESHEARTS. With Seven Distinct Collections we gurantee there is something for every girl.  Remember, flowers wilt, but jewellery, like your relationship, has the potential to last forever! Read on for our 2016 Valentines Gift Guide, pairing the perfect gift and date, to ensure you are fully prepared! 


We at Azuni London are putting a stop to all the mind games, playing hard to get and general too-ing and frowing that surrounds the pursuit of love. Instead, we recommend you get to point and tell her you love her, with our stunning, authentically designed and handcrafted jewellery.  With over seven separate collections, each imbued with their own distinct flavour, Azuni London really does have something for every woman.

 (Plus, with Valentines day also understood as the single ladies friendly ‘Galentines Day’, why not to treat yourself or your best female friends to a little bit of jewellery loving...??) 



A fearless go getter, who know’s what they want in life and aren’t afraid to pursue it.  They adore the exhilaration of putting themselves out there, adventuring and trying new things, yet are fiercely protective over themselves and those they love.  This is the type of girl who will loyally stand by your side forever, so be careful not to make the mistake of breaking her heart

THE PERFECT PIECE: Azuni's Lion Heart Pendant

If your girl has the heart of a lioness, then celebrate her spirit with our exquisite contemporary , LIONHEART pendant, handcrafted with a 24kt gold finish and a striking black onyx drop stone.  The perfect, strong statement piece with an air of luxury, to show her just how much you love her and respect her courage.   

THE PERFECT DATE: London Trapeze Class

Such spirit deserves nothing less than an exhilarating extreme dating experience, so what about a flying trapeze class? Surely theres little more exhilarating than climbing up a 22 foot ladder, grabbing onto a swing and propelling yourself into thin air? Plus building up each other’s confidence to participate, in a way no one else can, will remind you why you are such an amazing couple in the first place.  



For all the free spirits out there, who float on the wave of life, seeing immense beauty in the world and all it has to offer. They eschew convention, and the rigidity of ‘fashion’, favouring timeless bohemian styles embodied with character and meaning.  They love the outdoors, festivals and travelling, and live for experiences.   

THE PERFECT PIECES: Dreamcatcher Collection 

If this sounds like the one you love, then consider our DREAMCATCHER COLLECTION, as the perfect pieces to fulfil both her life mantra and style needs. Not only is this entire beadwork collection completely ‘boho-chic’, but more importantly it’s hand-craftmanship by mayan artisans who we have worked with for over two decades in a sustainable and fair-trade working partnership, fills it with meaning ,substance and goodness.  

THE PERFECT DATE: Secret Garden Party 2016 

Unless you have the money to jet off somewhere sunny, the perfect date for this one may involve waiting until summer and the onset of festival season. Renowned as one of the most beautiful and magical festivals in all the land, Cambridge’s Secret Garden Party in particular, overflows with colour, creativity and mystery, but also holds a strong ‘green’ ethos, encouraging sustainability in all it’s practises. The perfect stage for your love to showcase her brilliant bohemian beadwork. 



This sleek vixen lives for the finer things in life, projecting a minimalist, yet elegant, luxury aura that always makes her look flawless.  She prioritises style over fashion, favouring authentically designed, classic pieces, suitable for all occasions, with a craftsmanship which will allow them to stand the test of time.  

THE PERFECT PIECE: Stellar Solar Ring, Sparkling Coin Necklace or Sparkling Disc Drop Earrings

The ethos behind our Stellar Collection is equally laden with class, through blending the finest materials to create delicate yet striking, sterling silver pieces, perfect for any occasion. A  sparkling necklace, set of earrings or one of our divine rings from this refined collection, would be the perfect gift for one who adores stylish, individual, high-quality jewellery, and deserves an extra special token of your love.

THE PERFECT DATE: Drinks and Dinner at the Shard

It may be a little pricey, but just like our Stellar Collection, a date at the Shard has a the 'wow' factor guranteed to satisfy even the finest of tastes, particularly at sunset. 



This beauty knows exactly who she is, and chooses to express herself through her attire - namely clean, contemporary styles with a hint of an edge to assert her individuality.  She resonates with sharp, clean design and is a regular frequenter of London’s trendiest cosmopolitan bars and modernist galleries.  One not to be messed with. 

THE PERFECT PIECES: Etruscan Chevron Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet Set. 

Our ETRUSCAN CHEVRON EARRINGS, BRACELET and NECKLACE in a striking black onyx, or a bold red chalcedony, have the perfect clean, statement profile to reflect and elevate the very essence of her character. Plus, their blend of quality materials and craftsmanship, will allow them to act as the perfect fashion armour for years to come!


Behind an unassuming black door in China Town lies one of London's incredible speakeasies: the Experimental Cocktail Club. Finding the hidden doorway is definitely worth the effort - all the subterfuge and planning just adds to the adventure. Beyond the unsuspecting door lies a stylish vintage interior and moody décor that conjures up understated 1920s glamour, and the cocktail menu is incredible with some clear standouts!



For the well-heeled adventurer, who loves nothing more than to stroll the cobbled streets of Europe's most archaic cities and revel in  their rich culture and history.  When they are not out roaming, you can find them at one of London's many museums, never bored of revelling in the romantic riches of hidden treasures and stories past. 

THE PERFECT PIECES: Athena Laboradite Dropstone Necklace, textured long hoop Stone Earrings, and textured studded bangle. 

For anyone who appreciates the merging of culture and class in all facets of their life, our Athena collection could not be more appropriate. Inspired by the ancient arts of grecian antiquity blended with contemporary styles and fashions, and defined by vibrant semi-precious gemstones, paired with 24kt gold plating, our Athena pieces are timeless treasures designed to last your loved one a lifetime. 

THE PERFECT DATE: London Exhibition Evening

If it's not feasible to take your love off to the romantic alleyways of Athens this Valentines Weekned, then consider taking her to one of London's late night Gallery evenings. Plus you don't have to spend a fortune to have a cultural night in London - most of these events and exhibitions are free! 



This girl is all about the phenomena of clean living, living by the mantra that a healthy body and mind is the key to happiness.  You can always find her attending weekly yoga classes, or grabbing lunch at some of London's trendiest new whole food restaurants. For this one, looking and feeling amazing is a way of life. 

THE PERFECT PIECES: Stellar Triple Charm Lotus Necklace and our Believe Collection

Our Sterling Silver Triple Charm Lotus Necklace inspired by Ashley's travels in Thailand and his encounters with yogi masters and buddhist culture is THE token to support your girl in getting her daily  zen on! Alternatively, the variety of postive affirmations radiating from our Sterling Silver BELIEVE collection are the perfect motivational mindtools to spur on her mindfulness


This Valentines, indulge her in her favourite pursuits, through attending a couples yoga class together.  She won't love you for supporting her hobbies - couples yoga has actually been proven to massively beneficial to couples through building trust and promoting a sense of harmony in your relationship.  Partner yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath and touch -  the very essence of the word 'yoga' itself, which actually means 'union' in sanskrit!