Introducing TOTEM - A brand new retail concept that gives back!

Azuni London Totem Charity Jewellery

 T  H E     C  O  N  C  E  P  T

T O T E M  is more than just fashion - it's about giving back.

Born out of a lifelong passion for tribal cultures and craftmanship,  T O T E M  aims to bridge the gap between consumerism and social responsibility, so needed in the world of fashion. 

For over 20 years, Azuni founder Ashley Mashall has worked with a cooperative of highly skilled Mayan artisans to create beautiful bespoke jewellery treasures.  Building on this connection, to actively 'give back' to this community,  he has joined forces with fantastic local charity 'Pueblo a Pueblo' , sponsoring children in rural Guetamala through their education. 

By retailing  T O T E M  you and your customers are directly supporting our chosen cause.  We aim to help hundreds of children and with your support we can do it!  

Azuni London Jewelry Totem Necklaces | Proceeds donated to charity

H O W    I T    W O R K S

Expertly and ethically handcrafted in conjunction with our fairtrade cooperative workshop in Guatemala, the  T O T E M necklace consists of a precision made plated brass barrel pendant accessorised with a changeable beaded sleeve.

The barrels themselves are available in a variety of different plating options, with the beaded sleeves available in a myriad of styles and colourways to suit a diverse range of personalities.

P O I N T   O F  S A L E

The  T O T E M  Wholesale Package  includes 21 Beaded Barrels with chains delivered with a self-contained and stylish Point of Sale designed to be easily displayed whatever your retail space.  Bespoke  T O T E M  packaging and branded information cards explaining the concept to your customers are additionally included. 

10% of every purchase will be sent directly to our chosen Charity 'Pubelo a Puebla'.  

To enquire about stocking  T O T E M   or to request a brochure or free sample, please email Eugenie Sklavonous at [email protected]

For more information about the amazing work of Pueblo a Pueblo, our chosen charity, please click HERE. 

Azuni London Jewelry Totem Necklaces | Proceeds donated to charity