Top Drawer, January 2015

Azuni stands

My first trade show! 

Having been at Azuni now for a mere four months it is no suprise that i had yet to experience a real trade show. For those of you like me who are unaware what is actually involved in a trade show, they are exhibitions which carefully select suppliers and designers, to showcase their latest collections to potiential and existing customers.

i was unsure what to expect from a trade show. When i first arrived at the venue on Sunday morning, the first thing that struck me was home huge it was, and as for the inside, look at how grand it is, such a fantastic venue to showcase such beautiful pieces of jewellery. 

Olympia london

When i arrived some of the Azuni team had spent their Friday night and Saturday setting up our stands, and what a fanstastic job they had done. 

Azuni stands

This year we have divided our ranges, we have a section for all of our classic pieces, including our Athena, Cleo, Steller and Etrusca ranges. 

Athena stand

Etrusca stand

Athena earrings

With our vibrant Viva stand standing adjacent displaying all of our stunning beadwork collections.

Viva stand

Beadwork stand

Beadwork is particually popular at the moment, everyone seemed to love our long disc necklaces (see below) and our quirky beaded lighter/ lipstick holders. 

Viva stand

I can't wait for our return to Top Drawer in September, next stop Berlin and Paris!