Celebrate this St George's Day in 'fierce' style with Azuni's Lionheart


This weekend is all about celebrating St George's Day - the one day of the year, apart from major football tournaments, when you are guaranteed to see red crossed flags being waved proudly across the country, in a celebration of all things english.  However, it sadly appears, that in the typic reserved english manner, that we are not quite as proud of St George, as our Irish neighbours are of St Paddy.  Whilst St Patrick's Day is recognised as a national holiday, 1 in 5 english citizens don't even know when St George's Day is.  Since no one would say no to a cheeky extra bank holiday each April and a bit extra national goodwill, we propose that this year you celebrate the 23rd of April loud and proud, as part of a new campaign to get St George's Day on the map.  Plus, with 10% off our LIONHEART collection consisting of the ultimate patriotic pieces , you can ensure you celebrate with a fierce sense of style.

Read on for a guide to a host of dragon slaying and ale swigging events happening in the city this weekend, with the perfect jewellery accompaniments to push you firmly into the patriotric spirit. 



For any english man or woman up for a bit of intense theming, why not head to Vauxhall Pleasure Garden's St George's Day Festival,  - a family day paying tribute to England’s dragon-slaying patron saint.  Expect all manner of traditional fun at this local festival - knights in armour, falconers, jesters, wandering minstrels and Punch and Judy Shows.  Plus, for the ultimate temptation, food comes in the shape of a giant hog roast, with plenty of ale and mead flowing throughout.  

On the Jewellery front, our LIONHEART collection, consists of the ultimate patriotic pieces, to allow you to enjoy St George's Day with a 'fierce' sense of style. 



Whilst a less literal interpretation of a St George's Day celebration then the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens Festival, you cannot deny that the annual London Marathon has established itself firmly as an english tradition, with hundreds of thousands turning out each year to both run and show support in the ultimate show of solidarity and good will.  If you are not the running type, this is still the perfect event to attend to drink in the infectious atmosphere and bathe yourself in national optimistic pride and spirit. 

If you ARE the running type and are gearing up to take part in the marathon this weekend, looking fabulous in your finest jewellery is probably not on your mind.  However as one of the most memorable days of your life, where a load of photos will be taken by your family and friends to celebrate your incredible achievement, you will be incredibly thankful for practical 'running-friendly' jewellery, to distract the lens from your glistening victory sweat.  Our CORDED GEMSTONE FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS and ATHENA ASHIRA GEMSTONE STUDS, in union jack colours of lapis and red chalcedony, are the perfect, practical pieces to keep you looking pretty on the path to the finish line. 



Whilst it may not be this weekend, this Summer the bulk of the sporting world is off to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games - the ultimate patriotic exhbition for countries across the globe.  To get behind Team GB in our summer styling, we are reintroducing our incredibly popular, BRITANNIA BEADED CUFFfor SS16.  Blending the iconic Union Jack Design with our tropical, travel-inspired fairtrade beadwork, creates the ultimate symbol for Team GB's adventures in this vibrant, exotic city located in the very continent all our beadwork is handcrafted within.  We really want you to get behind our sportsmen and women, so we are offering 30% off this incredibly proud product, at just £28.00 (RRP. £40). 


Happy St George's Day Azunians - whilst our brand is built upon taking inspiration from across history and around the world, we will always adore our London home!